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10 Weird and Wonderful Things To Do in Cuenca, Ecuador

Every so often I lunch with friends and we talk about the weird things we’ve done in Ecuador that you just can’t do back home. We’ve eaten cuy (Guinea pig) roasted on spits, ridden horses during the full moon in the Cajas Mountains and been spit on by Shamans. Although Cuenca is a cosmopolitan city with all the modern conveniences of home,...

Explore the Valleys of Ecuador

A patchwork quilt of blue-green grass stretches before you, complemented here and there with splashes of fuchsia, lavender, coral, bright yellow... The unmistakable aroma of eucalyptus hitches a ride on a fresh breeze, accented by wood smoke that you can just spy wisping its way out of a red-brick chimney poking from an adobe-walled house, barely visible on the mountainside far across the way.

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