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Change Your Life Right Now—We’ll Show You How

The New Year is a time of reflection. A time to make some changes in your life. The majority of people make New Year's resolutions once January 1 rolls around. Many make the same resolution year in, year out. Quit smoking...lose weight...get fit...but why not make it simple this year? Instead of trying to change everything in your life, make just one decision. Take one leap of faith, which will change your entire life for the better. Decide to broaden your horizons, learn new things, pay less and get more, and discover your true self. You can do all this and more with a move overseas.

Paris: One Of The Easiest Places To Be An Expat

Last November, I was in Paris—just the latest in a long line of visits. My first night of that trip, I was invited to an international Thanksgiving celebration. The hostess, an American expat who has been in that city for many years, had made turkey and stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, and had invited her international friends to join her for a celebration of gratitude.

An Unspoiled Medieval Wonder in the South of France

For me, Sommieres is the very best of France, encapsulating all the romance, history and beauty that I love about this region. The town’s roots stretch back all the way to the first century AD, when the Romans built a stone arch bridge to span the Vidourle River as they built a trade road from Nimes to Toulouse. Over the centuries, Sommieres sprang up around this old bridge—which is still in use today—and by the 13th century, the area had become a bustling town, known for its markets and fairs.

Buy in France for €1 per Square Metre – And Other Opportunities in Europe

If you’re thinking of checking out these deals (should they still be available at the time of press), be advised: there’s a catch. Though this pretty village of stone houses with colourful wood shutters sits between a forest and a lake, boasts a golf course nearby and some great local foods, the town’s population is in decline. Currently, it’s estimated at only 388 people.

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