Malta Resources

Malta Food Festivals: My Top 4

Malta is a tiny country, but it certainly makes a bold statement with its vibrant festivals. Most of Malta’s special celebrations revolve around saints’ days, fireworks and holidays like Carnival. However, it might be the food-themed festivals that best capture this island nation’s Mediterranean charm. Here are four gastronomic festivals guaranteed to whet your appetite:

In Pictures: My Favourite Places in all of Malta

From countryside farmhouses to ancient walled cities and breath-taking coastal pathways to delicious, hidden-gem restaurants, the tiny island nation of Malta has a little of something for everyone. In fact, it’s home to nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites (and another pending), over 250 kilometres of coastline, and, thanks to its far southern location, one of the warmest climates in Europe...

Western Europe’s Most Affordable Retirement Havens

Rich in history, culture and romance, Europe has long had a strong appeal for Australian retirees. But many people who would love to retire to the Old World fret that it’s beyond their budget. And while Europe on the whole is more expensive than Asia or Latin America, that’s not to say that there aren’t countries here where a more affordable retirement can be found—without sacrificing the Old-World romance you crave.

How We’re Enjoying a Jet-Set, Travel-The-World Retirement

Tall street lamps with hanging lanterns light up the Santo Domingo square in Oaxaca, south-east Mexico. Home to Mexico’s most vibrant art and crafts scene, some outstandingly colourful festivals and diverse natural riches, this is where my wife, Erica, and I currently call home. Before Mexico, our home was in a variety of different destinations including Malaysia, Costa Rica and more…

Culture, Convenience And Affordable Living in Sunny Malta

When I think about my time on Malta, I think of bright blue skies, fields of richly green clover, the sound of the ocean smashing against the cliffs, all only steps away from the well-worn stone streets of ancient cities and the chatty and perpetually kind people. And all of it—cities, coastal walks—warmed and cheered by the seemingly endless sunshine, even at the height of winter.

In Pictures: The Top 3 Island Retirement Havens in Malta

The five-island archipelago that makes up the nation of Malta offers a mix of historic Europe and modern international culture. Just south of Sicily and about 300 miles off the coast of Tunisia, these Mediterranean islands give visitors the very best in sunshine and cyan-hued waters. Expats in Malta enjoy a relaxed, low cost lifestyle, which is made even easier by the fact that most natives speak fluent English. They entertain themselves by attending the many festi (feasts) hosted on the islands, exploring the natural beauty of their home or going out for a meal in one of the many diverse restaurants available to them.

Mediterranean Island Living That’s Good For The Soul

On my first morning in Malta, I peeked out my hotel window, unsure of what to expect. I had landed in Malta well after midnight and despite the sight of palm trees lining the road from the Valletta airport to my hotel in Sliema, it seemed hard to believe I was on an island in the Mediterranean. That changed when I drew back the curtains to reveal a cobalt blue sea, shimmering in the sunlight. Yep, all was as it should be.

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