Mexico Resources

Enjoying a New Life in Latin America

For the longest time, I’ve wanted to live somewhere in Latin America,” says Sydney native Cathy Crossing. “I always loved the music of that region and wanted to have the opportunity to learn more by living there. “I have played the clarinet since I was a child and have performed as part of a quartet in England, Scotland, France and Belgium as well as Australia...

Loving Life in One of Mexico’s Most Affordable Colonial Cities

“When I got here, I saw this place had everything I wanted, and then some.” At the time, Mona had been working for 15 years in foreign affairs and international trade. The work was high-powered and high-stress. “My work and social life had become so intertwined that I never knew when to relax,” she says. “Everything was about work.”

What Could You Discover If You Had Freedom Like This?

The first time I saw this sight, I wondered, “What the heck?” That photo was taken in San Miguel de Allende—one of my favourite cities in all of Latin America... Once upon a time, I would never have got to see a street like that—a hangover from the lifestyle I led over a decade ago. Back then, when I travelled to international destinations for business or pleasure, I was always in a hurry... I mean, I only had a week or two at the most to check out everything.

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