Moving to Spain Resources

Seduced By Sunshine, Tapas and Life in Southern Spain

Lying at the heart of sunny Andalucia, Seville is one of southern Spain’s most beautiful cities. Waves of conquerors, from the Romans to the Moors, have left their stamp on its spectacular architecture. Thousands of tapas bars line the streets, and the warm Spanish sun nurtures parks full of palm trees. With such beauty all around, it’s easy to see what drew expats Karen and Rich McCann to Seville, where they now enjoy fine dining, a great social scene and terrific, inexpensive healthcare.

This Affordable Spanish City Gives Me Everything I Want

Selfishly, I thought that nobody knew about the beautiful, cultured, artsy Spanish city of Girona and that I could keep it as my secret place. But it's impossible to keep a place like this under wraps. I fell in love with Girona and moved here in 2012. This charming, fun, easy-going city checked all my boxes. I can walk or cycle everywhere through beautiful streets that are full of history. It's full of delicious gastronomy, cheap local markets and regular cultural events to keep me interested. Surrounded by mountains I'm close to nature and if I crave the sea, it's just a 40-minute trip away. Or in three hours, I can be up in the snowy mountains, whizzing down ski slopes. Girona is also well connected by train and air to the rest of the country and Europe.

Novel Writing, Eco-Gardening and a New Life in Spain

After walking the famous pilgrim route Camino de Santiago (St. James' Way) in northern Spain and visiting the coastal village of Altea farther north on the Mediterranean, Ted Williams, 46, decided to move there. “I planned to stay on for a week in Altea, but lingered for three weeks after falling in love with the place," he says. Located on the Mediterranean in the Costa Blanca area of Spain, Altea is a historic, picturesque village with its iconic hilltop blue and white tiled church. It is renowned for its cultural events, including festivals, art shows, live concerts and other artistic endeavours.

Own a Luxury Property on Spain’s Costa Del Golf

I’m an avid golfer; I play whenever I get the chance. I’ve played on some of the best courses in the world. And I put the course at Finca Cortesin, Spain, in my list of top courses. And, I’d put the opportunity to own a luxury apartment perched above a winding fairway here at the top of my list of finds in all of Spain. From the second I arrived at Finca Cortesin—35 minutes’ drive from the high-end tourist destination of Marbella—I was charmed.

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