Chiang Mai Resources

Single Overseas: My Expat Life

It was suffocating! I was literally being squeezed by huge rolls of material in a jam-packed fabric shop right in the middle of Chiang Mai’s bustling Warorot Market. But I loved it. You see, one of my passions is designing clothes for myself and getting the tailors here to bring my creations to life. I can buy fabric here for as little as $2 per metre and a top can be made for as little as $8...

5 Things That May Surprise You About Chiang Mai, Thailand

My fiancé, Jason, and I have been living in Chiang Mai just shy of two months, and continue to be enthralled by the city’s bustling vibe and seemingly never-ending beauty. When we made the decision to move here, many of our friends and family raised concerns. Was it safe? Was it clean? Would we be able to enjoy all the creature comforts we’d grown accustomed to back home...

Chiang Mai Rentals

The room’s white tiled floor made it feel large and cool. The queen-size bed, generally standard in condos in Chiang Mai, had a simple bed head, which would work with any style of decoration. There was also a modest dining room table for two, a fridge, microwave and a white tiled shower/toilet...

How Living in Chiang Mai Saves Me $23,994 a Year

Before moving here, I knew Chiang Mai offered low-cost living and that the savings I’d make would mean I’d be in for a nice lifestyle upgrade. But I didn’t realise just how good the value was. Now I’m settled in, I’ve a good handle on my budget and the savings I’m making run right across the board, from the essentials to the little luxuries...

Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai?

It is a feeling that’s difficult to describe. The first time it hits you it’s exciting, foreign and overwhelming. The strange humidity that hugs you, the sounds of tuk tuks singing and the different energy buzzing around makes you feel very alive. Stepping out from the airport into Thailand is going to be an adventure every single time—guaranteed.

How We Secured a Luxury Chiang Mai Home for $827 a Month

When my fiance Jason and I woke up yesterday morning, we weren’t sure where we would be living beyond our two-week stay at a serviced apartment in Chiang Mai’s Old City. By midday, that had changed. We’d signed a lease on a luxury one-bedroom condo in Nimman—a trendy area full of restaurants, cafes, bars, shops and boutique hotels—for the very attractive price of 20,000 baht ($827 a month).

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