Cost of Living in Thailand Resources

Luxurious Homes, Tropical Gardens and Low Costs

The landscape in Hang Dong, the northern Thai district I call home, is a random mix of rural and urban Thailand. Rural villages with windy, country roads are dotted with Lanna-style temples amidst sprawling fields and tropical shrubbery. The urban roads are lined with low-rise shop-houses and local businesses selling everything from car parts to cosmetics. Residential areas range from pockets of small villages to grander, gated communities.

Rent from $250 a Month in Chiang Mai, Thailand

From the balcony of my 14th-floor home I can gaze upon a fertile landscape. The northern Thai city of Chiang Mai sits surrounded by views of lush, forested hills. The icing on the cake is the golden Buddhist temple on Doi Suthep mountain. During the day, it sparkles in the sunshine and at night local monks illuminate it, making it shine gold in a pitch black sky. The effect is stunning—the temple looks as if it’s floating in the darkness by magic.

Championship Golf Courses and Lower Costs in Krabi, Thailand

Famous for dense mangrove forests, sheer limestone cliffs and hundreds of amazing islands that appear as if dropped into the ocean from somewhere else, Krabi, on the southern part of Thailand’s west coast across from the island of Phuket, is where many movies were filmed—think James Bond’s, Man with the Golden Gun and Leonardo DiCaprio’s, The Beach. In 2013 Kim Shield’s brother invited her and her husband, Michael, to Krabi to look at the house he was building there. And it was while exploring the area with their family, they noticed how much the area had to offer.

Easy Northern Thailand: Rent From $148; Good Food Just $1.50

Many people think of Chiang Rai in northern Thailand as Chiang Mai’s little brother but most of those who live there take that as a compliment. True, there isn’t the nightlife that you find in its big brother a three-hour drive south but that’s more than made up for by the easy pace of life, deliciously spicy Lana food and some weirdly wonderful local attractions.

A Busy Social Life in Paradise for $1,500 a Month

When it comes to living life to the fullest, for Tony Robertson, old age is not a consideration. He’s only 69, and is spending his retirement enjoying the lifestyle in Thailand’s “Pearl of the Andaman Sea”. “Thailand was a no-brainer for me. It offers a high standard of living with access to everything I need Read more...

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