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Rent in Thailand: Low-Cost, Low-Commitment, Little Responsibility

When we first stepped into Doi Ping Mansion, one of the smaller condo complexes in Chiang Mai, we felt right at home. Our wonderful one-bedroom apartment, near the famous Night Bazaar, costs us less than $600 a month. And we are a five-minute walk from the banks of the Ping River, which lazily winds its way through the city.

Phuket, Thailand: Live in Paradise for less than $1,500 a month

Richard was born in Australia, but a taste of the overseas life as a child left a big impression on him. “I spent many years dreaming about moving abroad again, and yet I never did anything about it. I guess I wasn’t ready at that point, but as I got a bit older I figured life is too short. If you have a dream, you have to pursue it relentlessly.” Richard first visited Phuket, Thailand for a two-week holiday. “I ended up in Patong, which is a really touristy area, but after visiting the much more chilled out Nai Harn Beach, I found myself starting to relax and got into the groove of island life.”

Rent from $560 a Month in This Thai Beach Town

New condo complexes and housing developments are springing up within a 16-kilometre radius, hand-in-hand with a burgeoning infrastructure of new malls, international restaurants and tourist attractions, which were much more difficult to find just a few years ago. Because it is a bustling seaside town, seafood is affordable and plentiful, and public transport is cheap.

From Darwin To Low-Cost Chiang Mai, Thailand

It was Paul who encouraged his wife to return to her homeland of Thailand to retire. “Chiang Mai is very easy-going,” says Paul. “Other things that make it a great place to live are the good road system and relatively inexpensive cost of living. You can go to Chiang Rai, Phayao, Lampang…there’s just so many places that are easy to get to for short visits or overnight trips. It’s also a cheap flight to Bangkok (about $70 one-way) or a nice train trip that we have done a few times.”

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