Hanoi Resources

Weather in Hanoi

While most of Southeast Asia experiences sultry tropical weather year-round, Hanoi is a pleasant exception. There are four distinct seasons: it’s mild in the spring and autumn, hot in the summer and chilly—or even cold—in the winter. Hanoi rarely gets all-day rains at any time of the year; the wet monsoon that prevails farther south doesn’t extend all the way to the north and though it’s humid...

The Best Restaurants and Bars in Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi’s expat population exceeds 10,000 souls and there are tens of thousands of tourists who visit year-round. At any given time, there are likely 100,000 or more foreigners in Vietnam’s energetic and often chaotic capital city. There are scores of restaurants in the city that cater to Western tastes. These are great places to indulge Read more...

My Vietnam Adventure: From Nha Trang to Hanoi to Da Nang

My husband David and I love Vietnam. And when it comes to finding a place to call home here, we’ve been spoiled for choice since the day we arrived. We loved Nha Trang’s spectacular bay, ringed by a long expanse of golden-sand beach, sparkling turquoise water and lush green islands that seemed to shimmer in the distance.

Rowboats And Monkey Forests: My Favourite Getaways in Vietnam

Living in Hanoi puts you in the heart of the action. My husband David and I spend our days here surrounded by beautiful French colonial mansions and century-old trees. The Old Quarter, close to our house, is a delight to walk through. Each street has its own specialty; on one you’ll find medicinal herbs and teas, another sells bamboo, another is alive with colourful toys and yet another rings with the clatter of tinsmiths hard at work...

Every Day is An Adventure in Hanoi, Vietnam

Beautiful examples of French colonial architecture, tree-lined streets, busy shops and cafes spilling onto the sidewalks give Hanoi a character rarely seen in Asian cities. Thousands of motorbikes, cars, bicycles and pedestrians compete for space on the narrow streets. Horns honking, a peddler’s singsong sales pitch, the happy roar of diners at an al fresco cafe—Hanoi is a city that never seems to slow down. Still, everyone makes enough time for relaxing with friends and neighbours, sharing cups of sweet, strong coffee or a few glasses of cold, draft beer.

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