Sultry Seville: A Liveable, Lovable City

One of my favourite things about wandering the planet as a freelance copywriter is exploring the world’s most beautiful cities. Laptop at the ready, I’ve crafted blog posts in Milan, product descriptions in Vancouver, case studies in Buenos Aires and eBook chapters in Ljubljana. I wish I could say I was equally productive during my recent 10-day visit to Seville, but I must come clean: this place was so physically mesmerising and emotionally beguiling that I got virtually no work done at all!

U.S. Road Trips, Italian Feasts and Swiss Vineyards: Getting Paid to Travel the World

Winding my way through Rome’s maze-like cobblestone streets, I arrived at the home of an Italian food-writer-turned-cooking-teacher for a private pasta-making lesson. We rounded off the afternoon indulging in our extravagant, carefully-prepared lunch of artichoke and tomato tagliatelle, traditional tortellini in rich broth and mint-stuffed ravioli—all accompanied by a glass of perfectly poised Chianti...

A Stress-Free Life in Bali on $1,000 a Month

“I start my day on the beach and end it on the beach,” says Shirley Bowman, 62. For the past seven years, she has lived six months of each year in her spacious villa in the Balinese coastal village of Canggu. “I first visited Bali in 1975 and several times after that. By 2009, with work stress mounting and my health failing, Bali was calling to me. It was affordable and it was the right time.

Breaking Free from the 9-to-5 to Explore Sicily

It was mid-December in the Mediterranean—a bright, sunny, blue-sky day, brisk and perfect for a light jacket—and I was on a quest for the best cannoli in town. Cannoli, in case you haven’t had the pleasure, are delicate, crisp pastry shells filled with lightly sweetened cream made from ricotta cheese and sometimes topped with candied cherries or pistachio bits...

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