Retirement Rankings 2018: Three of The Best

Pristine white-sand beaches…pine forests amid temperate mountains…street-side baguette sellers…corner cafes…pastel-coloured churches and mulberry wine… You’ll find it all in this fascinating country. Foreign and alluring it may be… Exotic and enticing…without a doubt. But this “otherness” doesn’t mean it’s not comfortable. Welcoming locals...

3 Top Asian Countries for High Quality, Low Cost Dental Care

The Australian Dental Association estimates up to 10,000 Australians go overseas each year in search of cheaper dental treatment. A growing number of patients have learned that they can save tens of thousands of dollars on dental treatment without foregoing on quality…and all of these services are just a short plane journey away.

An Insider’s Guide to Padua, Italy

Overshadowed by Venice, Padua doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Only 30 minutes by train from its famous neighbour, it has stunning Venetian-style architecture, picturesque squares, world-class museums and a relaxed atmosphere of a university town. Rents are low, prices in restaurants and bars are reasonable and you can enjoy the ancient streets in peace without selfie-snapping tourists getting in your way.

5 Reasons Why Chiang Mai is My Top Choice in Thailand

Chiang Mai is an exciting city to live in. The Thai people are warm and welcoming and my husband Alan and I enjoy the relaxed lifestyle on offer here. Surrounded by mountains and lush countryside, its cooler climate makes it a favourite amongst expats and of course, the low costs are a big plus too—for $900 a month we rent a fully furnished, one-bedroom apartment in a modern complex, with a...

5 Hotspots and Hidden Gems in Vietnam

Hoi An is just 30 minutes south of Da Nang. This small city is home to about 300 expats, including many Australians. Hoi An is full of businesses that cater to the large number of international visitors who come to see its historic communal halls, temples and residences—preserved for centuries following the 16th and 17th century settlement of Chinese, Japanese and European traders.

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