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At International Living Australia, our goal for Postcards is to help you live the life of your dreams in your favourite overseas destination…to travel for less, see the world in style, and retire in comfort—for a fraction of the cost of staying in Australia.

What are ILA Postcards?

Postcards are free emails published three times a week. We write to give our readers useful ideas on how to escape overseas to a richer life…one more exciting, adventurous and free than you live now. We aim to broaden your mind…expand your options…and seek out a life where you really can get more for your money—while avoiding the stresses and worries encountered at home.

We are committed to the idea that you should be able to enjoy a happy, healthy retirement—free from money worries. We believe that you should be able to figure out a pathway for your own life that is meaningful, fulfilling and enjoyable, without breaking the bank.

A fulfilling life means different things to different people. To us, true fulfilment comes when you feel free to live and enjoy life on your terms, without worry.

Sometimes, freedom comes from having more money. Sometimes it comes from feeling healthy and active. Sometimes it’s the joy of having a clear mind. Sometimes–as our many expat contributors tell us–it is a feeling you get when you have a complete change of scenery.

We’d love you to sign up to our Postcards. Our aim is to provide you with ideas, guidance and insight about living, retiring and working overseas that you won’t find anywhere else in Australia or New Zealand. To this end, we’ll always be honest, frank and plain-speaking. We hope you appreciate that.

Whatever your motivation and ambition ILA Postcards can help you organise your thoughts about living, working and retiring overseas, and then give you the ideas and motivation to take action.
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What is International Living Australia?

International Living Australia magazine is a monthly publication for subscribers detailing the best places in the world to live, retire, travel, and invest.

International Living Australia also offers insights into hotspots around the globe in our free e-letter, ILA Postcards. Read about the destinations you want to know more about…and some you may not have heard of yet.

And that’s just the beginning…ILA offers local contacts in some of the world’s most popular destinations, advice from people just like you who have already done what you’ve only dreamed about, an online bookstore of special reports and essential guides, other subscriptions and valuable VIP services…in short, everything you need to know to start your new life abroad.

International Living Australia is published by International Living Publishing Ltd., based in Woodlock House, Carrick Road, Portlaw, Co. Waterford, Ireland.

Our registered company number is 285214. International Living was founded in 1979 by Bill Bonner and now has offices and writers located all over the world.

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How can a subscription to ILA Postcards be free?

It is completely free to sign up for our three-times-weekly newsletter, ILA Postcards, which will—with the best of intentions—be delivered to your email inbox every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

We are able to provide ILA Postcards for free because we display promotional ads and links in the email. We also occasionally send supplemental emails promoting our products, and products from trusted partners.

You are not obliged to click on any ad or link, or buy any product from us—ever. But if ads and links are a deal-breaker for you, it’s better that you don’t subscribe to ILA Postcards.

Also, if you get fed up of seeing the ads and links, you can unsubscribe from ILA Postcards at any time, with no hard feelings. Your email address will be wiped from our mailing database. You’ll find an ‘Unsubscribe’ link in the footer of every email.

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How do ILA Postcards make money?

International Living Postcards (Australian edition) will always be free to subscribe to. We only make money if readers subscribe to a paid product; one of ours or a third-party paid product we have decided to promote. This is why you’ll see ads and promotional links in ILA Postcards emails. We will only tell our readers about paid products we genuinely like and think could be useful to them. We only do business with partners we know, like and trust. Again, if you get fed up of seeing the ads and links, you can unsubscribe from ILA Postcards at any time.

We are free to talk about whatever we want, as long as we think it’s useful to our readers. This way, our interests are perfectly aligned with our readers’. If you like what you read, and subscribe to a paid product, we make money. If you don’t like what you read, you’ll unsubscribe and we’ll make nothing. That’s what keeps us motivated to share only the best live and retire overseas material with you.

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How ILA Postcards work:

  1. You can visit for tips, stories and ideas on how to live a dream retirement overseas…
  2. You’re welcome to sign up for our free email newsletter, ILA Postcards, at any time.
  3. From there, you’ll receive ILA Postcards three times a week.
  4. We encourage you to read and respond to our thoughts and ideas. In the footer of each email, there is an email link through which you can submit your comments or feedback. We cannot reply directly to every email we receive, but we do read them all. We also cannot give any personal advice.
  5. Occasionally we will forward along special opportunities, in the form of videos, promotions and reports. Sales from these products allow us to publish ILA Postcards for free. But you are never under any obligation to buy anything.
  6. Should you ever wish to discontinue your subscription, you’ll find an ‘Unsubscribe’ link in the footer of every email. Click on it and your name will be removed from our subscription list immediately.
  7. Otherwise, you’re free to enjoy ILA Postcards for as long as you like, free of charge.

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Why choose ILA Postcards over something else?

That’s an easy one. Our ideas are the most original and unique in the country. Our writing is the sharpest. Our expat contributors are great writers. Unlike a lot of these types of service, we aren’t trying to impress you with how clever we are. Our only interest is in giving you the most important and useful ideas to help you secure your overseas dream, and to help you feel happy, free and optimistic about your world—wherever it is. We work as hard and as long as it takes to deliver those ideas to you.

There’s so much clichéd, conventional thinking out there—we’re determined not to clog your inbox or your mind with the same content everyone else dishes up. Instead, we want to challenge you, provoke you and inspire you to plot your escape to a life more exciting, adventurous and lucrative than you currently have.

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How and what personal information do you collect?

We collect your email address when you subscribe to ILA Postcards. Only our authorised employees will have access to this information. You can update your personal information at any time by contacting us. We take your privacy very seriously. To read our privacy policy, click here.

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Will you spam me?

No. If you sign up to ILA Postcards, we will never share, sell or rent your email address or personal details with any third party. From time to time we’ll send you details of offers, products or services we think you may be interested in. All of those emails will come from ILA Postcards. You can unsubscribe from ILA Postcards at any time – you’ll find a link in the footer of every email. Click on this and we will not send you any further emails. You can also contact us at any time if you believe you have received spam or junk mail from ILA Postcards.

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How do I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe from ILA Postcards at any time – you’ll find a link in the footer of every email. Click on this and we will not send you any further emails.



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What else will I receive as part of my subscription to ILA Postcards?

When you sign up to ILA Postcards, you receive our three-times-weekly email absolutely free. You can also visit at any time you like, and gain access to a wealth of additional free resources that will give you more ideas about how to live a richer, happier and more independent life overseas. These resources include:

  • Access to any ILA Postcards special free reports, featuring valuable ideas and tips on living, working and retiring overseas.
  • Access to the complete archive of ILA Postcards e-letters where you’ll find hundreds of unique articles from contributors all over the world.
  • Video and audio resources.
  • Regular opportunities to check out our special retirement, travel and lifestyle services—along with special discount invitations.

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What are ILA Postcardsbasic principles?

Ours is an inherently positive bent. We don’t want to show how bad things are here. We want to show you how good things could be overseas. Our ongoing mission is to illuminate escape routes to somewhere you can enjoy adventure, health and long term happiness for less than you pay now. We want to help you feel more optimistic and more positive about your future.

We want to help you take advantage of opportunities no one else knows about…and live a happy, healthy, adventurous and wealthy life overseas.

This is not about finding a new home. It’s about creating a SECOND home.

You don’t have to surrender your Aussie citizenship to live a luxury lifestyle somewhere else, and nor should you. This is about giving you alternative options—and showing you opportunities to live, work and retire overseas that you might not otherwise get to hear about.

To that end, we have a few important principles we espouse…

  • THERE’S ALWAYS AN ESCAPE ROUTE—No matter how bad you think your situation is, there’s always something you can do to improve things. Maybe not immediately. But you can make a start. That might be planning an overseas escape. It might be figuring out how to cut your costs and expenses somewhere else. It might be making a start on a home business idea. It might be evaluating your investments. Or it might be as simple as prioritising your spare time and finding a few hours every week to do something that you enjoy.
  • TIME IS THE MOST IMPORTANT COMMODITY YOU HAVE—Time is something you can trade for money. And money can help you reach your life goals sooner. Money rarely comes to you without the application of time (that usually means effort). The idea is to use your time as wisely as you can. Time is also a pleasure in itself. Discretionary time is the greatest indulgence anyone can have. Discretionary time is very often a greater reward than money. We think you can enjoy more discretionary time overseas than you can here—with living costs in some destinations ONE THIRD of what they are in Australia.
  • MOST LIMITS ARE ARBITRARY—Lots of people you know will come up with reasons why you shouldn’t do something, or why you can’t do something. It’s very easy to be negative. It’s also easy to be subjective and selfish. Often (laws of physics aside), limits have no basis in truth or reality. They are often placed there by third parties who have their own self-interest. In fact, everyone has their own limits. You’re well within your rights to challenge anyone who tells you that you can’t or shouldn’t try something—and then figure out your limits yourself.

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How do I contact ILA Postcards’ customer service team with any questions about my subscription?

By email:         [email protected]

By phone:       1800 062 460

By post:           Attn: International Living Australia Postcards

Woodlock House, Carrick Road, Portlaw, Co. Waterford, Ireland

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