Fun…Sun…And an Income on Island Time

I bet you’ve imagined it before: the sun is slowly rising over the palm trees, its morning rays glistening across the water as far as the eye can see. The birds are waking up and singing their morning tunes to welcome the day.

They’re not early risers because everything here is on island time. A cool breeze blows in from the ocean to balance the warm sun shining on your face. It ruffles your hair a bit, but nobody here cares what your hair looks like anyway.

The coffee is brewing as you lean over the porch railing to watch another day in paradise begin. And as you pour that cup of coffee and sit down to enjoy it, you realise life actually can be perfect.

That might be your imagination, but it’s my reality. That is exactly what each morning looks like for me. And did I mention all that happens at my “office”? It’s true! I really get paid to live in paradise and enjoy stunning tropical views from my desk. I also get paid to chat with people all day.

And I get paid to walk around barefoot, hop on and off boats, and high-five people to celebrate their accomplishments. What is it I do? I manage a water sports company in Roatán, Honduras, offering scuba diving, snorkelling, sunset cruises, under-water scooters…the works.

What does that really entail on a daily basis? That’s easy: having fun. If I’m not having fun at work, I’m doing something wrong and it will impact all of my guests’ experiences as well. So I get paid to have fun and to make life fun for everyone else around me. It’s a far cry from what I used to do in my previous life working for a legal association representing lawyers in Washington D.C.

Every day I go to “work” just like I used to do in the States. Every day, I drink a cup of coffee while I catch-up with co-workers, just like I used to do. Every day, I spend time on the computer, but—unlike back in the States—that time is also spent outside in the fresh salty air just steps from the ocean.

No cubicle life for me anymore! No stale office air, no fluorescent lights, no boardroom meetings. Oh…and no high heels, no awkward dress pants, and no make-up. I have no one to impress and no need to worry. My clients are all on vacation and my co-workers are all on island time.

I wake up every morning with the sunshine on my face, listening to quiet waves lap onto my beach. I go to “work” knowing I will spend my day talking with friends, meeting new people, and yet still challenging myself with managing an operation and 15 full-time staff.

My skin is sun-kissed, my hair is wild, and my smile never fades—I am actually living the dream. I have made that dream my reality, and so can you. If you’ve imagined your life being in a tropical paradise, earning money while doing something fun, you can make it happen. It’s so much easier than you think!

Amanda Walkins
For International Living Postcards — Australian Edition.

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