How a Trip to my Overseas Dentist Saved me $50,000

India was the last place on earth I ever imagined I’d go for dental work. But extensive research online kept pointing me to a clinic called Dentzz in Mumbai.

My initial reaction was, “No way was I going to India to get my teeth fixed”. But as I explored their website and read testimonials from satisfied customers, my confidence increased and I contacted the clinic directly to talk about my personal dental situation.

A few months later, I boarded a plane for Mumbai. Despite getting cold feet mid-air, once I landed in India everything went smoothly.

My first appointment with Dr Aakanksha (a Certified Australian Dental Council Aesthetic Dentist) put me completely at ease. Photos, impressions and a full-face CT scan were carried out quickly and professionally. The team needed the next day to analyse all the information. The day after that, I was called back for a review of the treatment plan set out to fix my problem.

Dr Aakanksha presented their recommendations: For decades, my dental approach had been “patch up and make good”. But the team at Dentzz took a holistic approach. Once they explained the treatment plan, I knew everything they were telling me was spot on.

I needed 21 crowns to fix my ground-down teeth, four implanted teeth to fix those that were missing and my left jaw bone needed reconstruction work as it had withered away thanks to 25 years of missing teeth. (My left jaw bone was just 3.8mm thick, while the right side was 22mm.) If left unchecked, I was facing many major ongoing issues.

The CT scan also located a large cyst in the jaw bone under my right eye tooth. If that was left unchecked, it would lead to other major health issues.

A range of treatment options were laid out—with the cost ranging from $12,000 to $32,000. That may sound like a lot, but the cost of these options in Australia range from $65,000 to close to $80,000. Whichever option I chose, I’d be saving bucket loads of money.

I went for the $25,000 plan, which included top-of-the-range titanium crowns. I reckon I’ve saved around $50,000 compared to what the work would have cost me at home in Perth. That’s $50,000 I’ve still got in the bank to put towards my new retirement in Southeast Asia.

What impressed me more than anything was the way Dentzz performed as a team. They had a specialist in every field of dentistry to serve me and make sure my needs were met at the highest standards.

Not only do they have the best in technology, they have the highest levels of skills to use that technology. I walked out of Dentzz Clinic with a perfect set of teeth and I couldn’t be happier.

It’s possibly the biggest investment I’ve ever made in myself, but it’s transformed my life. No more illness and pain and now I can eagerly anticipate my new life in Southeast Asia. Especially the thought of chomping my way through loads of amazing Asian food—something I couldn’t have done before my dental makeover.

I’ve learned an important lesson. When we limit our thinking and experiences to our own backyard, we miss out on so much. I feel privileged by my experience with the amazing team in Mumbai—the care and service I received there was exceptional and I’d go back there in a heartbeat if I ever need to. For now, I’m still smiling.

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