How to Turn Holiday Snaps into Money in the Bank

When my daughter, Allison, graduated from university, a trip to Paris shopping and sight-seeing seemed like the perfect way to celebrate.

And, since I discovered how much you can earn from travel photographs, I knew it could also be a profitable trip to boot!

I’ve always enjoyed taking photos and when I sold my first framed travel photo for $780 I realised my hobby could earn me a tidy income.

Now I continually upload my photos to stock agencies where they sell over and over again.

So, when Allison and I hit the streets of Paris, I carried my camera, both to record our time together and to capture shots to sell as stock.

We wandered through the Luxembourg Gardens, the second-largest public park in Paris. The gardens belong to the French Senate, which is housed on the grounds, in the Luxembourg Palace. Above the trees, we could see the Eiffel Tower in the distance.

Couples lingered over coffee, enjoying the view. We walked past the octagonal pond in the centre, where children were sailing model boats. As we exited the gardens, we came upon an elderly woman quietly doing Tai Chi in the shade of the old trees. Everywhere I looked seemed to be a perfect photo opportunity.

After lunch in a cafe, we headed back to our hotel, passing the Pantheon, a magnificent building that serves as a mausoleum. Many of France’s most distinguished citizens are buried there, Voltaire…Victor Hugo…Marie Curie…

We wandered on past the campus of the Sorbonne, where students were returning to class…with me still happily taking photos.

The next day, it was time to visit Montmartre and I photographed Allison, wearing a jaunty French beret, with Sacre-Coeur Basilica in the background.


So far, I’ve earned $65 for this photo of Allison in the beret. With a few shots of my daughter, I’ve earned more than $300 with a stock agency. It made me realise that people shots sell as well as travel photography. Prior to that, I’d focused on shooting iconic buildings or temples. Now, I try to include people whenever I can.

On our last day, Allison led me to a trendy French boutique where I bought a gorgeous, turquoise silk scarf for $26…and of course I took a photo of the rack of vibrant scarves.

When we returned home, I uploaded a few of my favourite photos of our trip to a stock website. So far I’ve earned $500 from the photos…and they’re still selling…

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