Ideas for Becoming a Digital Nomad

The other day, I went to a wonderful four-hour yoga and meditation workshop by a teacher who told me she was now a digital nomad and was shortly heading off to Thailand. How, I thought, can one work online as a yoga teacher? Surely you have to be in the room with your students?

But, looking at her new website, the online courses she has developed and her Facebook page, it all made sense. She has developed a workshop and made videos of all the components and put everything online. By giving workshops everywhere she goes, she is gradually building up a following and a clientele for her downloadable classes and meditations.

These days, it’s surprising how many ways you can make money online from anywhere in the world. I myself have been working online for about six years and can take my work anywhere. I have two online business websites based on my interests and passions which I learned to build myself. I make money through affiliate marketing and have a couple of eBooks I’ve written too. I have some clients who I help with their websites and online marketing and I have also helped other people publish their own eBooks on Kindle. Plus, I make a bit extra from writing articles like this too.

You probably have skills that can be adapted for working online and even if you don’t, it’s not too hard to develop some. There are many, many courses you can do online to teach yourself marketable skills. Udemy is a good start. Have a look through there and see what takes your fancy.

According to the freelance platform Upwork, there are over 5,000 skills which are in demand from self-employed people who work over the internet from anywhere in the world.

Writing, editing and proof-reading are some of the most well-known ones. Do you like writing poetry or stories? There are people out there willing to pay you for them. Can you re-size photos or are you good at admin? Do you enjoy posting to social media? Pretty much anything is being outsourced to online workers these days.

If you have a skill from the career you had before you retired, it is highly likely someone is looking for your knowledge and technical expertise. The best way to connect to those looking for your know-how is to register for one of the many freelance employment sites such as, or The biggest demands are in the areas of content writing, computer technology, web development and graphic design. But there are also plenty of gigs going in marketing, admin, legal, accountancy, photography and many more.

There is a huge demand for stock photographs, so take photos of everything you see and upload them to sites such as or and you get paid every time someone downloads and uses them.

Maybe you’re artistic and could sell your artwork online. Perhaps you speak a foreign language and could do some translation.

Here are some more ideas for becoming a digital nomad


Competition in the area of travel blogging is hotting up with thousands of back-packers recording their every move all over the world. But there is definitely a market for good quality information about travel, so if you are a good writer and are passionate about a particular part of the world, there is definitely a space for excellent travel sites. These types of websites are some of the easiest to monetise with lots of travel companies looking for advertising opportunities. You can often get great travel deals from hotels if you write them a review too. If you’re good with video, you can create a YouTube channel and get some income from that.

Don’t be afraid to create an online business around any topic about which you are passionate. Good content on the internet about any topic can be monetised if you know how to do it. Solo Build It is the best place I know to learn traffic building skills which can be turned into an income.

Teaching and Consulting

With the advent of Skype and other face-to-face video conferencing tools, you can teach pretty much anything to anyone all over the world. Teaching English is an obvious one and there is a high demand for native English teachers from companies, especially in China.

If you don’t want to work face-to-face, create an online course and sell it through Udemy or on your own website or Facebook page.

Writing eBooks

Write an eBook about your passion or expertise or about your travels. Always wanted to write a novel? Now is the time. Publish it yourself on Kindle and sell it on Amazon. There are lots of online courses which teach you how to self-publish and market your books.

Never has it been easier to have the freedom to travel and live wherever you please as it is now.  Happy digital nomading!

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