International Living Australia – Issue January 2018

In the January issue of International Living Australia magazine we give you the lowdown on Malaysia, the winner of our annual Global Retirement Rankings as the top spot for a dream overseas retirement. Whether you want city living, laidback island vibes or to uncover a hidden gem, Malaysia’s got the lot and we show you where to find it on page 18 of your issue.

If Thailand is on your retirement radar, then turn to page 8 to access IL Thailand Correspondent Michael Cullen’s report from his scouting trip to Koh Samui where he found great-value rentals from $670 a month as well as bargain real estate buys from $105,800.

Or, if Vietnam takes your fancy, then you need to read IL Vietnam Correspondent Wendy Justice’s full report on Nha Trang, Vietnam’s most popular beach town. In this coastal hotspot, happy expats are living well on as little as $1,200 a month, among them is Sunshine Coast native Samantha. “We budget about $1,200 per month. I’ll get facials and massages—we don’t think about what we buy. We have Pay TV with a satellite dish, unlimited data on our phones and a full ocean view from our house. We are living very well,” says Samantha.

If you can’t pick just one spot, then check out roving retiree Glenn Lamb’s story on page 16 of your issue. Melbourne native Glenn and his wife, Jacqueline, have been roaming the world since deciding to take an adult gap year.

“That was three years ago and we haven’t looked back,” says Glenn. “Our experimental gap year is now a full-time life of travel and adventure and it’s cheaper than if we stayed home. That’s right—we save money by travelling…”

What’s their money-saving secret? Turn to page 16 to find out.

And that’s just for starters… In this jam-packed issue you’ll also discover why Cambodia is Southeast Asia’s newest golfing hotspot, how to spend a long weekend in Laos’ temple town and the number one thing that stops people retiring abroad.


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