Luxurious, Easy Living in Cambodia

The Kingdom of Cambodia is a country on the rise with tourism booming like never before as visitors flock to explore its magnificent temples, charmingly exotic cities, colonial beach resorts and relaxing riverside towns.

But Cambodia is much more than a tourist destination, in fact it has quickly become one of the region’s top spots for expats of every age. This is a country that ticks all the boxes for those seeking to move overseas and enjoy a new life of luxury and sophistication.

Whether for business or pleasure, work or retirement, Cambodia has established itself as a “Triple A” grade location for expats by offering an enticing combination of accessibility, affordability and adventure.

With return flights from Sydney to Phnom Penh easy to find online for under $500, getting to Cambodia is far from a financial hardship. And from the moment you arrive at one of Cambodia’s three international airports you are made to feel welcome. This is in no small part due to the accessible visa on arrival options available at Immigration. Just ask for an E type or “ordinary” visa form, which takes about five minutes to complete. All you need to qualify for this 30-day extendable visa is a passport with at least six months’ validity, two passport photos and a fee of US$35 ($48).

If you intend to retire here then you are in luck as these visas can be extended for up to 12-months at a time.

Those aged 55 or above will easily qualify for the ER retirement visa extension which can be arranged by virtually every travel agent in the country. All you need to do is request an annual retirement visa extension, pay US$285 ($394) and the agent will do everything on your behalf within three to five working days.

For retirees under 55 there are some pretty straightforward ways to qualify as well or if you want to explore work and business opportunities then the EG general visa extension is a better option and just as simple to obtain.

Once you’ve got that quickly in order, it will be time to experience the unbelievable affordability on offer in Cambodia. This is a country that provides the ultimate lifestyle upgrade for expats where even those with limited incomes can afford to enjoy a new life of luxury. Prepare to be amazed at the low cost of living with spacious apartments in the classiest districts of the capital city available to rent from a few hundred dollars a month.

Dining out for breakfast, lunch and dinner is considered normal for many expats thanks to the wide-range of inexpensive yet high quality and international restaurants that can be found everywhere you look as Melbourne native Michelle Williams discovered.

“Things are so different in Phnom Penh, like I mean incredibly affordable. Overnight I went from an ‘essentials only’ lady to enjoying luxuries I’ve never experienced before. Suddenly, I became one of those ‘ladies that lunch’ as I joined a group of expat women who go to high end restaurants all the time. The thing is, even when we visit somewhere posh we pay only $10 or $20 each for fine French, Italian and all kinds of Asian cuisine.”

Fellow Aussie Paul Howard agrees that moving to Cambodia has been a game changer for his lifestyle as he can now enjoy pretty much whatever luxuries he desires.

“My God, you can’t even imagine the difference in my life nowadays because Cambodia totally changed everything for me. I never have to worry about what things cost. You name it and I guarantee you can get it here for a fraction of the price in Australia. When money isn’t a concern, it is like every day is a big adventure and if I want to live large then that’s exactly what I do.

“I get to enjoy all of life’s luxuries without having to count my pennies. My life here isn’t good, it is flipping great!”

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