Make Monday Great Again

Another weekend is over here in Bali. Funny though, Monday doesn’t hold the same stigma it once did. Actually, most of the time I don’t even know what day it is! Just over two years ago, Mondays meant returning to a workplace I dreaded. Never-ending phone calls, meetings and working days that began at 6 a.m. and didn’t end until 7 p.m.

These days, life is a little different. Since my husband Rob and I made the move to Sanur, Bali, life has a totally different outlook. I may still wake early, but there’s no rush to be anywhere.

My morning walk around the streets where we live takes me by watermelon farms and rice paddies. The aroma of incense fills the air as the locals leave small, colourful offerings on the streets. When I get back, we breakfast at home on fresh fruit and yogurt or stroll down to our local cafe and enjoy a smashed avocado on toast and some of the best coffee I’ve ever tasted. Then we just see where the day takes us.

Over the weekend a friend celebrated her birthday and wanted to get away from Sanur for the day. We headed to Komune Beach Club, just a 30-minute drive away. There we relaxed on day beds, drank cocktails and swam when it became too warm. The evening turned into an impromptu dinner, with more friends and more cocktails.

Each day is different and they aren’t always filled with social events. Sometimes it’s just Rob and I for lunch or dinner by the beach, usually fresh, grilled fish and vegetables for $4 at our favourite restaurant. We sit with our toes in the sand and our Bali rescue dog can join us.

Chillidog found us when he was barely five weeks old, he wouldn’t have survived on his own but now he’s the most spoiled dog in Bali. He’ll always have a sand covered nose when we’re on the beach.

©Josephine Brierley

Some days I’ll just stay in the comfort of our villa where I can indulge in my writing, a pastime I’ve been able to reconnect with since our move. Not only my reflections on Bali for International Living Australia readers, but also for my blog and I’m midway through my fourth novel.

When we’re not eating out, we have been known to splurge on a meal at home. Freshly caught lobsters for $45 at the Jimbaran Bay fish markets were delicious grilled on our barbecue. Our swimming pool is used regularly, even in the midst of winter when temperatures in Bali still hover around 28 C. The one thing I haven’t missed about winter back home is the cold mornings and icy windscreen when starting the car.

Catching up on the latest DVD release or a new series is saved for our lazy days. Then there’s the days I meet up with ladies for lunch. A great group of expats who enjoy living life just as much as me. We take turns in choosing our lunch spots and meet regularly. A favourite is the Sweet Magnolia cafe at the southern end of Sanur on Mertasari beach. Delicious chicken satay for $4.50 and an icy cold beer for $2.70. We rent a sunbed for the day and swim in the calm waters.

Now, when someone asks me, “What do you do with your days…?” I simply shrug my shoulders. Expat life is amazing. I still have days where I pinch myself, not believing we’re actually living our dream in Bali.

I won’t lie and say getting to this point was easy, but our life now is much simpler and stress-free. We often get told, “I want your life” or, “You’re so lucky to have this.” I can’t help but smile. For us the decision to move to Bali was the best one we’ve ever made.

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