My Life, My Way… Getting Paid to Live an International Life

Bonnie Keough has spent a lot of time in Ecuador over the last nine years. She knows it well. She has friends there. And she gets to enjoy her expeditions to this welcoming, culturally rich, low-cost nation—while getting paid for them. Let me explain…

“One of the things I enjoy is travelling,” Bonnie says. “And fortunately, after many years of doing things that were not so enjoyable, I figured out how to make money doing something I love: travelling…and shopping while I travel.”

Bonnie imports handcrafted items, which she buys in Ecuador, for re-sale back home. As she tells it, it’s a low-key, highly rewarding income, which she earns by doing something that really doesn’t feel like “work”.

“I want my business to pay for my travels, I want it to be fun, and I want it to ‘share the wealth’, so to speak. I’m technically retired, but as long as I am still enjoying what I’m doing, I’m happy to keep doing it.”

Her business allows her to hop on a plane whenever she wants, so she’s in control of her schedule. And her travel is both tax-deductible and profitable. This income is scalable, too. She says she keeps her business small because that’s the way she likes it. But you could easily double, triple or quadruple the size if you wanted to. Point is, Bonnie’s life looks the way she wants it to look…and yours could, too.

She says, “Think about why you travel: for adventure, to create new memories, to meet new people, to have fun…and to shop. After all, who doesn’t shop a little when travelling? Well, if you simply adjust your thinking a bit…you can fill up a suitcase.” And that suitcase full of goods can fund your trip—and then some—Bonnie says.

Hi…my name is Jennifer Stevens, International Living’s Executive Editor. And over the next few days, I want to talk with you a little bit about why we here at International Living Postcards believe strongly that you have more flexible earning power than you probably realise.

Bonnie figured it out…and you can, too.

You see, when you approach your overseas experience in the right frame of mind, with the right “tools” in hand…you can live well, create a lifestyle you love…and earn an income, too.

People always say to me, “I’d love to go abroad. But I’m still working…and I can’t afford to give up my job.” So they put off that overseas dream as a “someday, hopefully” thing.

I get that. After all, no matter how good-value the places we write about are—and there are beautiful, affordable communities in Malaysia, Thailand, Belize, Uruguay, Panama, Ecuador, Spain, Costa Rica, Mexico and well beyond—you can’t live in any of them for free.

And so what do you do?

Well, about six weeks ago, we put this question to more than a dozen experts in earning abroad, current expats making money overseas, and expert travellers (like Bonnie) who are today successfully funding travel-rich, adventure-filled, international lives. And together they explored—and answered—that very question.

The consensus? There are MANY proven ways you can live where you like, travel when you want, and earn $11,000… $17,000, even $56,000 or more a year while you’re at it…

Over the next few days…I’d like to explore with you a slew of them…

Dorothy, Toto… Where Are We?

Now, it may seem obvious to you, but I want to start here by pointing out that we live today in a truly mobile, interconnected world. It’s not the same place we knew growing up. Heck, it’s not the same world we knew 10—or even five—years ago.

I make this point because, as a result of all this interconnectedness, opportunities exist today that we couldn’t have even dreamed of just a handful of moons ago.

Think about it. These days, you can send an email (at high speed) from a house in Panama’s rural highlands…you can video-chat for free with friends and family in Australia from a bungalow on the beach in Mexico…you can stream movies over the internet while you sit on a deck overlooking Ecuador’s Andes…or surf the web from a high-rise apartment with a harbour view in Penang, Malaysia…

And in this newfangled world, it’s important to understand that “work” and “retirement” don’t behave the way they used to.

Now in the “old world”, work was a place you went to. But today, you can earn from anywhere.

The internet has made it possible to match people with certain skills and products to other people willing to pay for them—all over the planet.

A market exists for absolutely everything. And I’d like to show you how you can profit…

Even if you’ve never done anything like this before. Even if you’re not “tech-savvy”. Even if you can’t see right now—at all—how you could possibly parlay your skills and experience into income.

You’d be surprised.

You can get paid to do all kinds of things…from proofreading to writing sample maths problems for kids…from selling products on your own website to answering phones for a company while the staff are on their lunch breaks…from teaching English to snapping photos…from running your own inn or shop to writing about your travel adventures…and the list goes on.

And our gathered experts made it clear: you can create an income to fund your life overseas. You could even start earning now—well ahead of a move. So you can take that income with you anywhere you want to go, and gain a measure of control and confidence as you launch your adventure abroad.

For this expert meeting of the minds, we had in the room with us about 150 of your fellow readers; folks just like you who are looking for ways to fund a life overseas. You weren’t there with us, I realise. But I don’t want you to miss out on the intelligence our experts passed along…

So over the next few days, i’ll share with you some of the lessons, advice and guidance they gave.

What Do You Want Your Life to Look Like?

I’ll start by asking you to do something now that they asked those of us in the room to do: think for a moment about what you want your life to look like.

Maybe you dream about living on a sun-dappled beach…or in a colonial, history-rich town…or some exotic, big city abroad. Maybe you love the idea of travelling a few months a year and being able to earn while you’re away.

Or maybe you’d like to work for a few hours in the morning a few days a week and then have the rest of the time off to spend the way you want to—relaxing, sailing, visiting friends, cooking, hiking, surfing, reading…

Good news is: there’s never been a better time in history to cash in with income you can take anywhere you want to be.

Overseas, You Can Make this New World Work for You

“For thousands of years, anyone running a business was at the mercy of geography. But in the 21st century, our clients and customers are more likely to share a consciousness than a postcode,” Barbara Winter says. Barbara is an expert in entrepreneurship, and author of the classic book, Making a Living Without a Job.

If you want to be your own boss, she told me during our gathering of experts, the trick is to create a business that finds and serves not just your neighbours but your own kindred spirits…wherever on the planet those spirits may live.

“When it comes to making a living without a job, no two people do it the same way,” she told us. “But even so, every successful entrepreneur uses five things in building a business. And if you use them, too, yours can be successful as well.”

Dreamers Wanted

For half an hour, she ticked through the five “power tools” every entrepreneur relies on…telling stories, showing us how to find these tools, and how to make them work.

And the best part? They’re all things you can find anyplace on the planet.

You know, there was definitely a lot of what Barbara calls “dreamers” in the room with us. People who have these ideas about working for themselves, building businesses, and getting paid to do something they love.

But, as she cautioned, when you’re thinking about making a living without a job, you’re essentially volunteering to be part of a minority. And not everybody will approve of, or encourage, your decision.

She said, “Understand that when you are doing something outside the norm, people may not be reinforcing your dream. They may be reinforcing the opposite.”

Quoting Rumi, Barbara said, “When setting out on a journey, do not seek advice from people who have never left home.” And then she continued with her own corollary: “When making a living without a job, don’t seek advice from people who have never done it.”

And she talked about the ways you can find—and create—a community of supporters who will champion your business and help you grow it.

Ultimately, we gathered our earn-overseas experts a handful of weeks ago to help people like you get started, to protect and nurture their “get paid without a job” dreams, and to begin turning those dreams into reality.

Our experts delivered great solutions…and though you weren’t with us, you can still benefit from their intelligence, recommendations and insights.

You see, we recorded every last word they shared, and we’ve pulled it all together in a resource we call our Fund Your Life Overseas Package. It’s brand-new. As I said, we hosted this gathering just seven weeks ago.

But here’s the thing: we’re offering it for sale only once this year. Right now, this week only. Right here at 60% off until midnight on Sunday.

Your Options are Many…and Varied

Now…there’s even more good news about earning abroad. A portable business you run from your house (wherever that house may be)—that’s just the start of the options you have for cashing in overseas.

As IL Senior Editor Suzan Haskins put it, you’ll be amazed at the creative ways expats earn an income: dog-sitting, opening a bagel shop or a B&B, repairing computers, running a website, teaching English, offering relocation services…and the list goes on.

“The great thing,” she said, “is that so many of these income-earners can be started on a real shoestring.” So your investment can be quite modest. But what you gain in flexibility and freedom is massive.

Many expats earning overseas say they fell into their businesses, virtually by accident. Because when you’re an expat abroad, Suzan said, you’re uniquely qualified to spot opportunity. What’s old hat for you at home can be a real profit centre in a new environment.

In a great-value haven, often there’s less competition, it’s more affordable to start a business, and it costs less to maintain it, since taxes and salaries are much lower than what you’d pay back home.

And with your “can-do spirit”, you’d be amazed at the success you can have…

In the Fund Your Life Overseas Package, we show you how it’s done. How you can…

  1. Work less, so you have time to enjoy life more.
  2. Work smarter, while you earn more.
  3. Get started now, so you have an income in place before you go overseas.
  4. Get to a place where you enjoy life more than ever.

We delve into the possibilities, and help you begin to explore all kinds of opportunities and moneymaking ideas, like—

  • How to approach a new place with your “eyes open”, so you start to notice opportunity and can position yourself to take advantage of it.
  • Why you don’t have to go to the Australian School of Business—or any business school—to nurture a successful business if, instead, you always do this one, important thing…
  • Those five “power tools” you need for building a business…and exactly where—and how—to get them…
  • How to get paid to travel and land extraordinary perks—from five-star luxury escapes to dinners out to cruises—at absolutely no charge…
  • Why a single income source is “so 20th century”…and what you should have instead…
  • What the “most beautiful word in the English language” is and why you should, as an entrepreneur, care…
  • How to find, price and sell at a profit goods you’ve imported from overseas…
  • The countries on our list of top retirement havens, which offer the best opportunities for entrepreneurs…
  • And lots, lots more…

Teacher Turned Entrepreneur with a Shop in Panama City

In addition to Bonnie Keough, who I mentioned right at the beginning here, another of the expats we heard from at our gathering was Roz Baitel. She owns a consignment shop in Panama City. Roz shared her story—about how her store not only earns her an income but is set up, as well, to support local charities in her adopted country.

And she talked about why she thinks the consignment model can make such good sense—particularly in Latin America where it’s a new concept and competition is pretty much non-existent.

She offered her recommendations, tips and hard-won advice on how to find the best locale and how to know what will sell, too. From books and children’s clothes to furniture and high-end fashion for men and women…you have lots of options.

You Could Start Earning Now

I wish you could have been there with us to feel the buzz in the air as we gained insights, and a new way of thinking, about the world and about earning. It was downright invigorating—and inspiring, too, to be honest—hearing all these success stories from people who, not that long ago, were just regular folks with a dream. Just like you.

But seeing their successes—hearing how they did it, what they wish they’d done differently—makes you not just think but actually feel in your gut that you could do it, too.

In our Fund Your Life Overseas Package, the experts show you how to take an interest…an expertise…a skill…even a dream…and turn it into an income overseas.

So while the people all around you tighten their belts and resign themselves to “working forever”, you could, instead, live with a lot less stress…more freedom…and all the comforts you imagine the good life includes.

And you don’t have to wait till you’ve squirrelled away tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. You could go overseas now…and fund the life you’ve always imagined.

If you have an interest in earning an income overseas—full-time, part-time, whatever you’d like—and you’re serious about taking action…doing something to move yourself from dreaming about living and earning abroad to actually doing it…

Then you need access to the details, solutions and ideas our experts shared…and with the Fund Your Life Overseas Package, that’s exactly what you get…

All of the things attendees learned about…from teaching English abroad to running an import-export business or opening a virtual storefront online…from selling travel articles to becoming a freelancer on the global marketplace…from renting out a holiday home for income to opening a B&B or a shop in a place you love overseas…all kinds of ways you could put $2,800…$4,200…$9,800…or even twice that in your pocket every month. Income you could take with you wherever you want to live or travel.

It can all be yours. This Fund Your Life Overseas Package is your own personal power pack…designed to help you fast-track your plans of earning an income overseas…including the kind you can start pocketing right now.

When you order this Fund Your Life Overseas Package, you have a distinct advantage over those who attended this meeting in person—because you can listen to all of the presentations whenever you want, from the comfort of your home or office…and with as many breaks as you need.

Watch the PowerPoint presentations, read through the handouts and listen to the audio recordings, (you can copy them to your iPod and listen to them any time, any place.) Skip around to the presentations that interest you most, and take notes. And listen to them as many times as you like, so you don’t miss a thing.

It’s 100% Guaranteed—So Just Take a Look

The full price to attend this event live last November was $1,248—but you can secure a copy of the Fund Your Life Overseas Package right now for only $107.

This is the ONLY opportunity you’ll have to access this resource. At midnight on Sunday, we’re taking it “off the shelves” and it won’t be available anywhere at any price.

So I hope you’ll take a look at it here now.

There’s absolutely no risk to you. You’ve got a full 30 days to check it out. And if you decide the earn-anywhere, fund-your-life-abroad solutions our experts share aren’t right for you after all, just let us know and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions, no fuss.

Your discounted price today—just $107—saves you $170 off the regular price and includes:

  • Audio recordings of all our earn-overseas experts’ presentations
  • Copies of all the handouts and dossiers
  • Plus a special bonus report, titled Cash in Overseas: Great Ways Expats Fund their Lives Abroad (and You Could, too). This report is only available to attendees and to you…when you order the Fund Your Life Overseas Package now)

Bonus “Get Started” Guides

We asked the experts to compile a special companion volume—a “Get Started” guide to go along with their presentations. They’re more than just “notes” to go along with the talks—they’re step-by-step guidance to further help you narrow down the income opportunities that make the most sense for you, and the steps you need to take to start earning with them fast.

This full collection of “Get Started” Guides is not available anywhere else. But it’s yours—at no charge—when you request your copy of the Fund Your Life Overseas Package now.

When you do so before Sunday at midnight, you save $170 and we’ll send you all the extras too, free.

Let me repeat: we’re only offering this special deal at
$277 $107 until midnight on Sunday. Then this resource disappears forever. You won’t be able to buy it at any price. Simple as that.

Grab your copy here now.

Your No-Risk Way to Learn What We’ve Learned

The many experts who spoke at this “meeting of the minds” covered every possible aspect of earning abroad. After you’ve heard their briefings, there’ll be nothing to stop you from acting on the information they share. And we stand by it.

Listen in. Follow along on the slides. Read through the special reports.

If you don’t feel this comprehensive resource can help make your overseas dreams come true, simply let us know within 30 days and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

We’ll give you your $107 back. The special report is yours to keep.

If You Feel the Experts’ Advice and Secrets Won’t Help You, Then You Pay Nothing

In other words, if you decide this Fund Your Life Overseas Package isn’t what you’re looking for after all, just let us know within 30 days and you won’t pay anything.

But if you’re serious about tapping into the opportunities available today for an income abroad, coupled with good living and an easy, affordable life, I urge you to take advantage of this offer and request your Fund Your Life Overseas Package now.

I feel confident you’ll be impressed by what you discover.

The truth is, nobody wants to endure a lifestyle that’s less comfortable than they’d envisioned for themselves. But many people will. They’ll shrug their shoulders and figure that’s the hand they’ve been dealt.

But you don’t have to. Better options really do exist.

In the Fund Your Life Overseas Package, we lay out exactly what they are, how you can take advantage of them, and the best ways for you to capitalise on the excellent opportunities that exist today for living and earning well overseas.

You bring your idea of a dream life to the table. In the Fund Your Life Overseas Package, we’ll show you exactly how and where you can make it your reality.

Folks who attended this event in person paid as much as $1,248 to be in the room with the experts. But you can listen in—and gain all the secrets they learned—for a small fraction of that cost.

Reserve your discounted copy here now for just $277 $107.

Jennifer Stevens

Your Conference Insider, Fund Your Life Overseas

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