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Vietnam stretches for more than 1,770 kilometres from north to south and the climate ranges from cool-weather pine forests in the Central Highlands and the far north to steamy tropical jungles in the south. You’ll find that any time of the year is a good...
One of the many benefits to life in Cambodia is I’m perfectly placed for exploring all the delights of Southeast Asia. And the low costs here mean I can live a jet-set lifestyle even on a budget. Often on my travels I’ll end up chatting with fellow passengers who want to know more about my life in Cambodia.
The soothing sounds of gamelan music—a mix of gongs, xylophone-type instruments and flutes—drifts through the balmy air from nearby temples. This sound, like so much else about the paradise island of Bali, is unique. Bali is an intoxicating place—just over three-and-a-half hours from Perth...
I’ll be honest, before I moved to Cambodia I paid little attention to clothes—fashion wasn’t really my thing. But once I discovered I could have everything made to measure here—and at such an affordable cost—I soon got into the swing of things.
My husband Michael and I were in our 50s when we made the decision to retire overseas. Before then I really hadn’t given retirement much serious thought. I suppose I had seen us as part of the grey nomad brigade, caravanning the well-worn roads of Australia, gathering at 5 p.m. for ‘sundowners’ then toddling off to camp for the night.
Thomas O’Neal had never been to Malaysia. In fact he hadn’t been anywhere in Asia, which made his sudden decision to move to the tropical island of Penang a brave one. Thomas has also found that Penang is a great place if you like the outdoors, walking, hiking, trekking or biking. “I plan on losing a few pounds here too, and I’m working on my tan as we speak.