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Whether you’d like to create an occasional income—or profit centre—to take on the road or build one from a new location, there are countless ways to make that happen. This is, after all, the age of the virtual office which means you can set up shop on a Caribbean beach, in a cosy Swiss chalet, or on a rainforest riverbank.
Mexico taught me to add flavour and spice to my live bigger. I loved the colourful surroundings, passionate people, and many festivals. At the end of my teaching day in Sayulita—one of the prettiest towns in Mexico—I would often go to the beach for shrimp quesadillas and the most fantastic piña coladas.
I’ve never seen so much green…and in so many shades and variations. The tall, jungle-covered mountains of Costa Rica’s Southern Zone dominate the landscape. And many locals and long-time expats say they enjoy these mountain views even more than the ocean, thanks to the lush vegetation that covers them.