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Finally I understood what he was getting at. Many people… even many expats… think that moving abroad is a one-way proposition. After all, if you do the research and find that there really is a happier, healthier, more affordable place to live outside your home country… and you actually move there… going back to the place you left while you’re still breathing can only mean you’ve failed somehow, right?
What makes for a happy expat? This is something I think about often, because honestly…not everyone is cut out for the expat life. The rewards are tremendous and it’s a wonderful, life-changing experience, but there are challenges—and most are easy to get beyond.
Expat Steve Quinn is living his dream running a beach bar overseas in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. As a busy carpenter and contractor in his native Canada, Steve Quinn relished his regular trips to Costa Rica to relax and unwind on the beach.