A Travel-Rich Life and Money in the Bank

I love being able to travel wherever and whenever I like, for as long as I like. And these days I can, thanks to copywriting. Put simply, I write compelling stories and articles for businesses. It’s flexible and fun and it’s been paying the way for my overseas adventures for years now.

The modern world has given us all sorts of technologies that make location-independent work so much easier and copywriting is one of the most reliable ways to make a consistent living while you travel. As long as you have a decent Wi-Fi connection, you’re in business from just about anywhere on earth—whether it’s for weeks, months or years.

I’ve been copywriting for four years now and it’s allowed me to control my own destiny by creating a dependable income that allows me to live the way I wish rather than the way I must. Plus, I love the adventure, the travel and the freedom that location-independent writing provides.

There’s huge opportunities out there for good copywriters: competent wordsmiths are needed to create everything from case studies to blog posts to promotional emails. High demand and low start-up and running costs are big benefits, but for me it’s mostly about the travel.

I’m based in Australia but spend about five months of the year on the road or overseas. I love venturing into the world’s most remote wilderness river systems, relaxing on tropical islands and hanging out in fascinating foreign cities for a month or more at a stretch. Being a well-paid copywriter helps me do just that.

When I spent a week on Lady Elliot Island on the Great Barrier Reef, snorkelling with manta rays, sea turtles and colourful reef fish, I paid for that adventure by churning out several insurance-related articles at 25 cents a word.

Last year I stayed in a beautiful apartment in Cordoba, Argentina, for five weeks and the copywriting I did there made me more money than I spent on the entire trip. This year I decided to go back and check out Salta, a charming city in north-west Argentina. When I wasn’t writing, I went white-water rafting, mountain biked through the nearby desert, tried the superb local cuisine and made new friends.

I love European travel in September, when the tourists have thinned out but the weather is still perfect. I’ve written blog posts from Slovenia, product guides from Milan, Italy, eBook chapters from Jerez, Spain and website articles from Seefeld, Austria. One of my favourite destinations as a location-independent writer is Portugal—the living is low-cost, the internet is awesome and the scenery is stunning.

This year, I’m off to Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic–three countries I can’t wait to explore. As long as I keep copywriting, I can keep travelling!

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