Travelling the World for Free

When we set off on our journey in January 2014, we were looking to explore the world and experience life in other cultures. We used a great strategy to travel and see the world while paying absolutely nothing for accommodation.

In Luxembourg, we stayed in a 500-year-old house for one month playing nanny to five newborn kittens. It was a large, old, white-washed farmhouse in a small village of 20 houses.

We would wake up each morning, look at each other, and ask what country we wanted to go for lunch, pack the motorbike and off we went. For an Australian being able to go to France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands or Luxembourg for a meal within an hour was mind blowing.

Life in a small village was different for us but we quickly got used to driving everywhere—the closest shop was five kilometres away. We loved being able to attend festivals, visit different parts of Luxembourg and see the surrounding countries so easily.

We have been fortunate to travel in seven countries (including Luxembourg, England, Scotland, Wales, France, Switzerland, Monaco and with another booking in Turkey for April). All using this great money-saving travel strategy.

While on our travels we love to get the opportunity to look after a variety of animals. While staying in a small two-bedroom farm cottage in a small hamlet in Brittany, France we got to play midwife to Poppie who had five puppies.

We were two kilometres from the nearest town where there was a boulangerie, a small milk bar and a café. And we spent a lot of time out exploring different parts of Brittany.

In Switzerland we were nurse to Camper, a diabetic cat. Here we stayed in a three-storey house with the living areas downstairs and two upper floors of bedrooms and bathrooms. Located in a little village just outside Geneva, we wandered into the village each morning for fresh bread. The village also had a small grocery story and café. However, for groceries we went to France…it was only four kilometres away. For Camper we had to be home at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. to administer his medication and feed him. This didn’t stop us exploring the area each day.

Recently we were in Monaco looking after two cats: Rocky and Rambo. Our visions of Monaco being a place for the rich and famous melted away to seeing the real Monaco that many visitors that come for one day miss. Yes, it is famous for its casino, big boats and expensive cars but most who live in Monaco are just normal working people. They live in an amazing country set in the side of a cliff face that has the most interesting infrastructure to make life as easy as possible.

While it is a maze trying to get around at first using the multitude of free elevators to go to different levels, once you get used to it you discover supermarkets hidden away in tunnels, coffee shops with spectacular views over small harbours and a wonderful fresh food market that sets up daily.

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