Your Money and a Move Overseas

You have a dream destination in mind…you know you want to travel the world…but of course you need to straighten out your finances before you go.

You rightly fear the loss of thousands of dollars…money that—if you just have the right advice—you can instead use to fund your dream retirement.

The question is, who can you trust?

Just read the news. The biggest financial institutions in the land are on the grill for bribery, forgery, bad advice and retirement dreams ruined.

Since mid-March the Royal Banking Commission has exposed how fat-cat bankers have been creaming it for years. Financial advisers at the big four are required to promote and sell the bank’s products. It’s their job. A job for which they get big bonuses and hefty fees.

Elsewhere in the financial industry, advisers at private firms manage large client bases by handing your money over to fund managers and industry or retail superannuation funds. These advisers then charge you a fee based on the total assets being managed (usually 1% to 2%) without really doing much work.

Not so with the independent financial adviser I’ve been tapping the expertise of. He’s an International Living Australia reader (he plans to retire in Thailand) and an ethical adviser not aligned with any bank or institution. No conflict or requirement to sell products. No hidden fees. No commissions. Just honest advice. You’ll find his first article, how to be smart about financial advice, on page 24 of the May issue of International Living Australia magazine.

In a world where facts are hard to come by, the rules are Byzantine—and all too often made up by idiots—and the regulatory environment openly hostile to the average retiree looking to think outside the box… you can depend on International Living Australia magazine and our network of Aussie expats across the world for answers.

These guys have learned every lesson you can learn the hard way…they figured it out by themselves and are sharing their experiences with us, so you can do it the smart way…

So, if you’re looking for informed answers to your questions about financial planning for an overseas move here’s where to find them…

  • Can you take your Age Pension overseas?
    (Yes, you can…see page 8 of the April 2018 issue.)
  • How do I handle my property back in Australia?
    (You’ll find a savvy way to do this in the archives, on page 14 of the March 2017
  • The five key questions you should ask any financial adviser…
    (See page 24 of the May 2018 issue.)

And there’s more…much more…

In the May issue…

Bargain Luxury – Luxury is best defined as a state of great comfort and ease. It’s usually associated with wealth and comes at a high price.

But abroad—in the right places—that’s a different story. One of the many perks of living in an overseas retirement haven is that luxury experiences are within the budget of even the most frugal and modest spenders.

Expensive Australia makes even the idea of a weekly massage and a monthly escape to a high-end resort seem ludicrous to the average retiree.

But that’s what you’ll have abroad…along with a maid or housekeeper, a gardener…a driver…your money goes very far indeed in havens like Bali, Thailand, Malaysia… and much further than you might think in Europe too.

The big advantage of a global network of IL correspondents and contributors is that rather than breezing through places like most travel writers, scoring freebies and junkets from resorts and spas, our guys live in the places they talk about, explore every aspect of it and find the best deals on everything.

IL policy is clear, too. No taking freebies or complimentary treatments. Serve only the reader, stay independent and report honestly.

In the latest issue we had several correspondents report on bargain luxury stays…

“My adopted home of Chiang Mai, Thailand, offers a smorgasbord of luxury retreats,” writes IL Chiang Mai Correspondent, Rachel Devlin. “One beautiful bargain is to head out to the mountain at Mae Rim to Panviman Resort. This retreat spills down the mountain side, has exotic architecture and boasts a stunning swimming pool with water features cascading into private pools dotted down the terraced jungle. This countryside paradise is only $150 per night and meals average around $10.”

IL Correspondent Wendy Justice has travelled all over Southeast Asia…

“Deep in Malaysian Borneo’s jungle, accessible only by boat, there’s a luxury resort hidden on the fringe of seldom-visited Batang Ai National Park,” writes Wendy. “You’ll stay in modern buildings modelled after traditional Iban-style longhouses at the Aiman Batang Ai Resort and watch rare hornbills fly within metres of your door. The hotel offers fishing, kayaking through virgin rainforest, visits to remote longhouse villages and guided nature walks. Rooms start at about $72 per night.”

Bali is home to some seriously cool luxury retreats, often the best are hidden away but IL Bali Correspondent, Josephine Brierley knows where to find them…

“You might think you have to spend big bucks to have a true luxury experience in Bali but only 15 minutes away from the heart of the temple-strewn town of Ubud is Manyi Village, set right upon the rice terraces,” writes Josephine. “Each room has a direct view of the lush green landscape. Breakfast is included and to top it off you’re assigned a ‘guest assistant’ to help with whatever you may need… Rooms start at $60 per night and a shuttle is available to whisk you in and out of town.”

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