Finding “Tranquilo” in a Secluded Panamanian Town

From Spanish, tranquilo roughly translates to "be calm," and in the beautiful town of's hard not to be. Boquete is a haven for expats, with magnificent scenery, an affordable cost of living, and a climate that's never too hot or never too cold. When asked by friends in the U.S. to describe it, only one word comes to mind...

How a Camera Pays for Exotic Adventures

I always loved photography. But it wasn't until I got the secrets of turning photos into cash that I started making real money from my photographs. With this valuable knowledge under my belt, I began to search for press trips that I might be invited to join (at no cost to me). That's how I scored a visit to Borneo—a place I had always desperately wanted to visit.

Rent in This Panama Retirement Retreat For $650 a Month

I was tired of working 40, sometimes 50 hours a week as a designer for an international furniture manufacturer. Working on commission only, I often worked on my days off to facilitate clients, and meeting my required goals had become increasingly difficult. Continually declining markets, escalating real estate taxes, and the rising cost of electricity and heating oil were other factors that made me decide it was time for a change.