Take Your Ideas for a Test Drive

After a vacation in Spain, Karen McCann and her husband returned the following year to study Spanish. The Ohio residents were especially enchanted by Seville. "We spent four spring vacations in Seville, staying for longer and longer periods," says Karen. "Of course, moving abroad—or moving anywhere—has its challenges. But you don't have to wait until all the stars are aligned, the dog passes away, the grandkids are all happily married, and you win the lottery."

Bring a Sense of Curiosity on Your Big Adventure

Bring a Sense of Curiosity on Your Big Adventure. “It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education,” observed Albert Einstein. For many of us, sadly, the destruction of curiosity began long before our school days. When I was growing up, my incessant questions were often dismissed with a reminder that curiosity killed the cat. The message, intended or not, was that shrinking was preferable to exploring. This repeated warning has an impact that goes far beyond the deceased cat.