Three Places You Can Buy A Second Passport

Now and again when an American (or any other national) grumbles about the sad state of affairs in their home country they may hear a sharp response: "If you don’t like it here, go find another country." If you can spare a few hundred thousand dollars, or maybe a million, you can do just that. You can buy what is euphemistically called "economic citizenship."

Is It Time to “Re-Flag” Yourself?

More than two decades ago, an interesting character with the nom de plume, "Bill Hill" wrote a popular escape manual for freedom advocates titled "PT—The Perpetual Traveler." Hill outlined his PT ideas with a five point plan "...for those," he said, "with courage enough to pursue freedom." He memorably illustrated his plan with something he called The Five Flags of Freedom.

Foreign Bank Accounts (and More) in the “New Switzerland”

In 2005, Singapore began adopting laws patterned after Switzerland’s. Laws that tightened its bank secrecy. But unlike land-locked Switzerland, Singapore sits at the center of Asia’s booming demand for raw materials, close to many key physical markets. It also beats Switzerland on taxes. Official corporate tax rates in Singapore have fallen by 3% to 17% over the past five years...