Capture Paris on Video…and Pay for Your Travels

Travel videographer Tom Reissmann makes a very comfortable living—pulling in about $80,000 a year—making short videos while traveling the world and living wherever he pleases. And, after following Tom for a week in Paris with a group of fellow beginners, I found out how easy it is to learn to create professional-looking videos you can sell in less than a week.

Turn this Hobby into Cash—Anywhere in the World

"Come on, get up, get up!" Cocooned in our sleeping bags, we knew the sun was up, and the light on the lake was going to get intense—fast. So we pried each other up, grabbed our cameras, and ambled down to the shore.Frost coated everything—including our life jackets. But the scene was too good to miss: a thick, white fog blanketed the lake's surface. As sunlight reached the water, the fog started dissipating. But we worked quickly...taking turns photographing each other paddling our kayaks through the mist.