Why Design Could Be the Secret to a Successful Vacation Rental

The decor you choose for your vacation rental and the furnishings you select show your respect and an eagerness to please your guests. If you throw some tired furniture into the house and have scuffed white walls, you’re not going to get the quality of inquiries and bookings that someone who has put thought and attention into their homes gets.

Turn Your Overseas Fantasy to Reality With a Profitable Vacation Rental

Mornings are lazy in Fiji. The slim thread of light in between the insulated curtains finally wakes me, just in time for breakfast at about 10 a.m. I slip into a bathing suit, tie a sarong on, and I'm ready for the day. The smiling maids, Rozy and Reshmi, greet me as I come down from the master suite—dubbed the Penthouse by past guests. Before me is a feast. Omelets, fresh fruit, an Indian delicacy or two, and a pile of toast, served up with coffee and fresh juice.

Easy Income With Overseas Benefits

When I wake up in my vacation rental home in Fiji, and pull back the curtains to see blue waters...picturesque islands...my private pool...the hanging bed...I know I made a great decision buying this place. I get to spend two weeks a year chilling out here...snorkeling every day, just a short walk down my private stairs. It's like swimming in an aquarium. The coral is so pristine and healthy.