This Beautiful Tropical Island Offers a Respected, Immediate Second Passport

“Citizenship” describes a legal relationship between a person and his or her national government. Each government defines by law the criteria for its citizenship. “Residence,” not to be confused with full citizenship, is the official right to live in a place. Most countries grant residence to wealthy foreign investors and selected individuals that government considers desirable. Residence status is the first step to eventual citizenship and a second passport.

Family Ties: Your Path to a Second Passport

When you hold a second passport, a world of opportunities opens up to help you protect your finances, safeguard your privacy, and grow your financial nest egg free from high taxes. A second passport gives you the ability to travel to and live in countries visa-free…a degree of added insurance against an American collapse, catastrophe, or other domestic dangers…and most importantly, the ability to engage in investments and tax planning that’s mostly off-limits to Americans.