Make Time to Surf in a Caribbean Paradise

People come from all over the world to enjoy life among the paradise islands of Bocas del Toro on the Caribbean coast of Panama. They come for the surfing…for the deserted islands…and for the turquoise sea. Justine and Jeff Catalano also came for the sense of community. “Our favorite thing about living in Bocas is Read more...: Make Time to Surf in a Caribbean Paradise

Turning a Profit on an Island Retreat

The first time John Morgan set foot on Little Corn Island, he was under its spell. "The moment my feet sunk into the soft, coral sand where the captain beached the water taxi, I had an overwhelming feeling of being home." John came from Charlottesville, Virginia, where he was working as a freelance photographer and field technical advisor for Fuji Film. When he discovered Little Corn, it was the beginning of a 15-year love affair with the island that saw John try his hand at running a dive shop before finally establishing the Tranquilo Café, which he owns and operates today.

Break Free for the Laid-Back Life Overseas

Water sprayed along the sides of the narrow panga as it sliced the water's surface. Jungle-cloaked islands emerged in the distance...beckoning us to greet their shore. We anchored at the small, undeveloped island of Chichaemae and a small dingy took us in to the powder-white coast. The water gently kissed the sand...skimming fallen palm trees, abandoned canoes, and coral reef. I made it to San Blas.

Enjoy a Profitable Life on the Beach

Laying under a palm tree on a tropical beach is a fantasy many people only act out during vacation or retirement. Sure, we would all love to live in paradise long before our twilight years, but, so the thinking goes, it’s far from feasible. Not so. In fact, more and more hard-working North Americans have begun to redefine their life parameters and are moving abroad to exotic locations before retirement. How? By opening businesses that support their lives abroad in the country of their dreams.