Ocean-Views, Sparkling Sand, and Bumper Retiree Benefits in Coronado, Panama

“When our beautiful view is the Pacific Ocean and the warm breeze blows through our condo, we hardly feel like we are confined. If we have to stay in for an extended period of time because of Coronavirus restrictions, we are okay with that. We love it here,” says Jo Anne Burrill of her adopted hometown of Coronado...

Panama’s Surprising Island Destinations

Swaying palm trees, soft white sands, and warm waters of clearest blue…Panama’s islands epitomize the best of the tropics. Panama has hundreds of islands, but the island destination I visit the most is Contadora—and with good reason. It’s just a 20-minute flight from Panama City, where I live. (And yes, I’ve boarded some truly tiny planes since I moved here!)

Expat Diary: What is Life Like in Panama During Lockdown?

As I write this—halfway around the world from most who will read it—it occurs to me that we are all in the same boat. No matter where you are, there are worries…compassion for many who have lost jobs or worse, loved ones…and hope that we can slow the spread of the specific strain commonly referred to as the Coronavirus...

Five Magical Mountain Towns in Panama

You can’t help but feel happy in Panama’s highlands. The views are inspiring, with verdant pines and bougainvillea bursts covering the hillsides. Hidden gems include streams, waterfalls and even hot springs. Not to mention some of Panama’s best flora and fauna…including hundreds of species of colorful birds, orchids, and more. To be sure, Panama is known for its stunning Caribbean islands and popular Pacific beaches.