Life is Simple in Panama’s Serene Mountain Town

When I first discovered Sora, I had been looking for someplace quiet to spend a weekend away from Panama City. I wanted a place that was an easy drive from the capital. Somewhere with a cool climate and little noise or light pollution. I wanted to be able to look up and see the stars, maybe wear a light jacket, and have a relaxing weekend.

What’s Bad About Panama?

Perhaps you’ve noticed it. A lot of the literature about expats in Panama is so very rose-tinted. “Why is that?” you may wonder. “Why don’t people spend more time talking about the challenges and the downsides?” Talk to any expat in Panama and you’re likely to find that, despite any negative experiences, the good outweighs the bad. Read more...: What’s Bad About Panama?

Panama Tops The Charts In Technology And Internet Coverage

When it comes to telecommunications and technology, there’s not a country in the region that compares to Panama. This tiny powerhouse has long been recognized as a telecommunications hub, as five of the world’s major fiber optic cables intersect here. Land line and later cell phone calls were top notch here from the get-go, thanks to Panama’s outstanding infrastructure. And when the world entered the age of high-speed Internet, Panama went to great lengths to not only keep up, but be at the forefront.