Novel Writing, Eco-Gardening, and a New Life in Spain

After walking the famous pilgrim route Camino de Santiago (St. James’ Way) in northern Spain and visiting the coastal village of Altea on the Mediterranean, Texan Ted Williams, 46, decided to move there. “The walk was a complete life-changing experience in many ways,” he says. “I planned to stay on for a week, but lingered for three weeks after falling in love with Altea.”

Mediterranean Living With Rent of $545 a Month

It's past midnight on yet another balmy evening and Barry Ogden and Karen Taylor are strolling home along the beach after a spontaneous gathering of friends at a café. When they first moved to Altea, Spain, last March, they were usually home in the early evening but they've now adapted to the Spanish way of life...often staying out late unintentionally.