5 Riviera Maya Activities That Aren’t on the Beach

The Riviera Maya is a glorious stretch of sparkling white sand and turquoise-green Caribbean waters, bathed in balmy tropical sunshine. Beginning in Cancún at the northeast tip of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, and running about 80 miles south along Mexico’s Caribbean coast, this spectacular stretch of palm-studded beach draws about five million vacationers from across the globe, each year, making it the Caribbean’s number one vacation destination.

A Caribbean Lifestyle on Mexico’s Riviera Maya for $1,200 a Month

"Coming to Cancun was like stepping into a postcard," she Kristin Busse. "I love taking my son to any of Cancun's many perfect beaches." Combining the glitz and glamour of modern resorts with a strong, ancient Maya influence, Cancun is the perfect blend of traditional Mexico and First World infrastructure.