Profit and Fun Bringing Jerky to Mexico’s Riviera Maya

"When I was 11, my mom brought me to a small fishing village in a tiny cove, just south of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico," says Sara Moen. "We stayed for six weeks and at the end, I informed my mom that I was Mexican. She laughed and said, ‘No baby girl you're from California.' I responded defiantly that I was Mexican...but she just didn't know it yet."

Relaxed Day-to-Day Living on the Riviera Maya

Unless I’m catching an early flight, I never need an alarm clock. The sun rising over the Caribbean is perfectly framed in my oversized bedroom window and delivers its warm, penetrating rays directly onto my face. I merely have to open my eyes for a spectacular view of the languid, aquamarine waters grooming the powder-white sands only yards away. As I finish my first cup of coffee, I peer around gently swaying coconut palms to watch large, pouch-billed Pelicans fold their wings and splash into the gentle surf capturing their bright, wriggling breakfasts.

5 Expat Activities on the Beautiful Riviera Maya

For some 80 miles, extending south from Cancún, the warm turquoise-green Caribbean Sea gently bathes the sugar-sand beaches of Mexico’s eastern shore. This spectacular stretch of bleached-white coastline is known as the Riviera Maya and has become the Caribbean’s most popular vacation destination. With year-round temperatures typically in the 80s F, plenty of sunshine, modern infrastructure, and first class healthcare, the Riviera Maya is also home to those who have discovered their retirement paradise here.

Homes From Less Than $50,000 in This Tranquil Lakeside Town

The view was literally breathtaking. Mexico's largest lake, Chapala, was just yards away and if I turned my head slightly, the purplish hues of the Sierra Madre mountains were visible just over my shoulder. It was late in the afternoon and the sky was turning astonishing shades of crimson and pumpkin-orange as the sun began its descent. I was submerged to my chin, out-of-doors, in a steaming cauldron heated by underground geothermal activity. I rolled an icy beer can across my forehead as I allowed the hot water to perform its magic.