Popular Costa Rica: Is the “Pura Vida” Lifestyle for You?

The 2014 Fast Track Costa Rica Conference is over and done with - and as expected, it was a roaring success. I'd wager the people who attended this conference were people who had read and heard about Costa Rica's breath-taking natural beauty, very affordable cost of living, and the Pura Vida lifestyle—and were interested in seeing if it's somewhere where they could enjoy a happier retirement for less than what they are paying at home.

A Mediterranean Adventure For Less Than $3,000 a Month (Per Couple)

A warm, clear blue-green sea lapping long, sandy beaches... Families eating and laughing together over slow, relaxed dinners with lashings of good food and even better wine... If you've ever watched a movie set in the Mediterranean, you might believe the region is solely a playground for the rich—the romping ground of Hollywood starlets like Brigitte Bardot. Scratch the surface and you'll discover that is definitely not the case—an adventure in the Mediterranean could be yours for less than you might think.

This Nurse from Nebraska Adores Panama’s Health Care

Back in her home state of Nebraska, Judy Eaton worked as a registered nurse (R.N.) for 40 years. So when she told me how impressed she was with Panama’s health care system, I made sure to pay attention. I met Judy for lunch in the small mountain town of El Valle on a visit to Panama earlier this year. I was there to speak to expats about what they loved about this small, stunning country.

Expats Reveal Why They Fell in Love with Ecuador

Out of all the countries International Living writes about, one in particular shines. It’s topped our Global Retirement Index—our pick of the 22 best countries to retire in the world—five years in a row...has a temperate climate year-round...offers a higher quality of life at an affordable price (cost of living can be as low as $900 a month)...and has a city, town or village to suit every taste or budget.

Real Costa Rican Life, According to Expats Who Live There

When expats talk to us about why they moved to Costa Rica, they’re sure to mention that they were drawn in by the beauty of the country. With both a Pacific and a Caribbean coast, dramatic volcanos, rain forests and cloud forest, and the largest variety of wildlife in the world (like toucans, howler monkeys, sloths and turtles), it’s easy to see why.

A Visit to Panama’s Caribbean Paradise

This is the Caribbean as it should be—clean, white-sand beaches; the freshest fruits and seafood; colorful wildlife; and smiling, laid-back locals. You won’t find the huge resorts of other Caribbean destinations in Bocas del Toro, Panama...just an easygoing, water-lover’s paradise, where snorkeling, island-hopping, and beach-combing are the order of the day.