The Only 3 Spanish Phrases You Need…

I tried once to compliment a friend on her car and told her in perfect Spanish, "Me gusta su coche." She asked me to repeat myself a few times and with gesturing I was able to get the point across. But she still looked at me like I was crazy. What I didn’t know was that "Me gusta su coche" means "I like your cart" in Costa Rica, not "I like your car." I had just insulted her by comparing her car to a grocery cart.

The Truth About Teaching English in Costa Rica

Most people go to a tropical paradise to go on vacation. I chose to live in one. Sure it’s not without its challenges, but living in Costa Rica has taught me how to overcome them with grace and without getting bogged down in stress. This is one of the major reasons I choose to live in Costa Rica—Ticos (as Costa Ricans call themselves) possess the secret to true relaxation.