The Valley Lifestyle in Yunguilla Ecuador

Yunguilla is a long valley that begins just south of Cuenca and ends near the seaport city of Machala. Its elevation ranges from about 7,000 feet near Cuenca down to 4,500 feet at the Santa Isabel side (closest to Machala on the coast). At its highest point, Yunguilla is 1,500 feet lower than Cuenca, which translates to a warmer climate and very short rainy season...

The Everyday Adventure of Living in Ecuador

Yesterday my wife Cynthia and I discovered Greek yogurt in our grocery store for the first time. We can almost hear your collective response: “So what? Big deal.” We get it. Whenever visiting our family in the States, we invariably go to a humongous supermarket stocked with everything one could possibly need or want. In the U.S., grocery shopping is a chore to be squeezed in with all the other activities that fill life.

The Most Surprising Benefit to Living Overseas

In preparing for our move abroad, we did as much research as possible. We even went on an investigative trip to what is now our hometown of Cuenca, searching for potential red flags. We arrived in 2010 thinking we had a pretty good handle on what to expect, but nothing prepared us for the possibility of defying the aging process. This has been a most pleasant surprise, to say the least.

Footloose and Fancy Free in Cuenca

That’s the usual reaction my wife Cynthia and I get when we tell attendees at International Living conferences that we haven’t owned a vehicle since we moved to Cuenca, Ecuador, six years ago. When we were considering the notion of relocating abroad, part of our strategy was to find some special place in the world where as many of the negatives as possible could be eliminated from our lives. That included having to climb into a vehicle every time we left our home. After too many years on the suburbia merry-go-round, we were more than ready for a change.

The Climate in Cuenca, Ecuador

Our daughter in New Jersey hasn’t seen her yard for months because it’s covered with snow. Our son in North Carolina finished raking leaves a while back just in time to get out the overcoats in preparation for the frigid weather ahead. My wife Cynthia and I, we’re weather junkies, who, like Goldilocks, want our weather “just right”…not too hot and not too cold…