Finding Opportunity is Easy in Tranquil San Juan del Sur

It’s been six years since my wife Elisha and I moved to Nicaragua, and we’ve loved every minute of it. Our first year here was spent researching, living in the country’s most popular towns and cities, to get a feel for them. Poneloya, Léon, Granada, Laguna de Apoyo, and San Juan del Sur were all places we called home.

A Fun, Portable Spare-Time Income

Carl Segerstrale has always had a passion for surfing. "I remember doodling surf logos in notebooks and imagined making a living in the surf industry," he says. "Even as I began a career teaching middle school English the fantasy lingered." Seven years ago he traded in the familiar surroundings of San Francisco, California for the unexplored Pacific coast of Nicaragua—a surfer's dream place to live.