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I went from a life where I was struggling financially—despite working three jobs—to one where I work "part-time" and make a great income. As a result I live wherever I want to. Right now I'm just minutes away from gorgeous sunrises on the beach. I've been able to pursue hobbies I'm passionate about, including ballroom dance, music, and songwriting. More importantly, this year my new income stream will fund my travels to Europe and Central America—two places I've been meaning to visit for quite some time now.

You’re on the Move with this Lucrative, Portable Skill

They thought we were crazy. My wife and I announced to friends and family that we were moving cross country—from Utah to Florida. To them it was unexpected. And it was. We decided to move on a whim, after all. Within just a few short months, we were on the road. And 2,200 miles later we finally arrived in sunny Florida. There's a good reason I'm telling you this. One that may help you fund your own future adventures.