Best Places to Live in Costa Rica: Five Top Expat Havens

For decades Costa Rica has been among the world’s premier retirement destinations. It still is. Chuck and his wife Anna launched their Pura Vida lifestyle in 2012. They sought a mild climate, better healthcare, amazing views, and lots to do…and all at a lower cost of living. You’ll find established and welcoming expat communities all across the country. It’s easy to make friends to explore the jungle with, or to share an ice-cold, two-buck Pilsen beer while watching the sun set from a beach.

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Teaching English in Southeast Asia: Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam

With more than one billion people learning English worldwide today, there are huge opportunities for English teachers. In fact, demand for native English teachers and those with experience and/or qualifications is as high as ever. And, these jobs are available in virtually all countries where English is not the first language...

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