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The Top Towns and Cities in Latin America for Healthy Living

In many of the world’s best retirement havens, embracing a healthier lifestyle just comes naturally. And it’s easy to see why. With warm weather year-round, it’s easy to get out and about whenever you feel like it. Abundant fresh air fills your lungs with each breath. With everything you need within walking distance, many expats can get by just fine without a car. And those extra yards you walk each day add up to a shrinking waistline over time. Lower costs make it much easier to eat healthily, too.

Nicaragua: Breathtaking Beauty and Affordable Living

Nicaragua is one of the most beautiful countries in the Americas, boasting a dramatic Pacific coastline, Caribbean beaches, colonial cities like Granada and León, as well as First-World cities like Managua. Although not as well established as its neighbor Costa Rica, Nicaragua is starting to attract retirees in search of a new, better life abroad. The quality of life in Nicaragua is excellent--and the cost of living here is so low.

Southeast Asia: Beautiful and Affordable

Known for its perfect beaches, low prices, and excellent scuba diving, Southeast Asia usually conjures up images of young globe-trotting backpackers and sultry nights spent at a beach bar. But this region is also a vast cultural melting pot… With something to appeal to everyone, these fabled lands of Southeast Asia still beckon with the promise and rewards of an exciting life overseas.

The Funky Beach Town of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Situated on Nicaragua’s southern Pacific coast, San Juan del Sur is a funky beach town—with around 1,500 expats from all over the world. Stroll through town, and you’ll see colorful buildings of all different sizes flanking the ocean. They house surf shops, bakeries, beach clothing stores, hotels and hostels, from basic to top-dollar. Buy hand-made jewelry from artists from every continent. Take a swim in the beautiful bay; watch the multi-colored sunset.

10 Best Places in the World to Escape the 2016 Political Season

In the hours after one presidential debate recently, Google searches for “how can I move to Canada” reportedly spiked 1,150%. Here at International Living, we have nothing against Canada. But it should be said: There are warmer, better-value options to consider…all over the world. Each year at International Living we release our Global Retirement Index. Researched over months with the help of our ever-growing team of correspondents, editors, and contributors all over the world, this Retirement Index is the ultimate resource for helping you find your ideal retirement haven.

The Most Affordable Retirement Havens in Western Europe

“You don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy everything Malta can provide,” says Gigi Griffis. “Rents in the capital start from as low as $450 a month. Milk, bread, and other groceries can be bought for $1 apiece, while a bottle of quality wine can be had for $6. Private insurance is a fraction of what you would expect to pay back in the States, with annual premiums for a couple starting as low as $800 for expats I spoke to.”

The 10 Best Things About Ireland

Maybe it’s the music. Or the breathtaking landscapes. Or the witty humor and long, effortless conversations. Even without a drop of Irish blood in your veins, it’s easy to fall in love with Ireland’s charms, traditions, and strong sense of community. The recession that followed the Celtic Tiger boom hasn’t altered the essentials that make the Emerald Isle special.

The Top 4 Countries in the World for Healthy Living

Time and again, we hear back from readers looking for a healthier lifestyle overseas. So in this year’s Annual Global Retirement Index, we’ve added a Healthy Lifestyle category. Finding a healthier retirement abroad is a key consideration for many expats. And while many countries on our beat scored strongly in this regard, Costa Rica earned top marks.