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5 of the Best Beach Towns in Southeast Asia to Retire on Your Social Security

With a low cost of living, picture-perfect white-sand beaches, friendly locals and fascinating culture, Southeast Asia are so much more than exotic vacation spots. Enticing expats and retirees from around the globe, they still beckon with the promise and rewards of an exciting life overseas. Imagine never having to buy a new coat or pay for home heating ever again. Untouched by our idea of “winter”, each of the countries in Southeast Asia delivers warm, tropical weather and the chance for beach-side relaxation all year round. For many expats, it’s paradise found.

“Where should we retire in the Ecuador Highlands?”

My wife and I have a pension of $1,400 and some savings. We are looking to retire in cooler highlands but also want to be within a couple hours away by bus to a nice beach area. Wish to rent not buy a house (with a garden) close to a mid size town. No kids. Also I am an English teacher - can I find work in an University or other - over the age of 65 in Ecuador?...

A Comfortable Lifestyle for $509 a Month in Cambodia’s Second-Largest City

Cambodia’s second-largest city (home to around 250,000 people) doesn’t feel at all like the capital, Phnom Penh; in fact, wandering around Battambang, I felt as if I had traveled back to the early 20th century. While most of Southeast Asia is developing at breakneck speed, Battambang gives the impression that it’s quite content to have settled into an earlier, simpler time.

“Where could we meet U.S. expats already living in Costa Rica?”

My husband & I will be visiting Costa Rica beginning Sept 18th. We would like to meet with some US expats who have made the move. Our plan is to move within the next year. We will be in San Jose for 3 days then over to the Pacific coast. We'd love to meet some potential new neighbors currently living in Costa Rica...

Ambergris Caye vs Roatán: Which Caribbean Island Would You Retire to?

So you’ve decided to retire to a Caribbean island paradise. You can already see yourself, toes in the sand, sipping a mojito by the turquoise-blue sea. Behind you, children laugh as they cartwheel down the beach, and by the waterfront fishermen chat as they haul in the catch of the day…but where are you?