Real Estate in the World’s Best Retirement Havens

Affordable, good-value real estate is a “stand-out” factor of the world’s best retirement havens. And to prove just how much further your money can go when you buy overseas, we’ve asked our in-country experts to reveal a taste of what’s on offer in the five highest-ranking destinations of this year’s annual Retirement Index. Whether you dream of a pastel-painted, old colonial home surrounded by lush gardens...

Cost of Living Overseas: Live Well from $1,000 a Month

Retirement in the States is getting more expensive all the time. But in the right places overseas…you can upgrade your lifestyle and live better than you could at home for a small fraction of the price. We asked our editors from around the world to send in their monthly budgets. Read on for the 5 cheapest countries in the world to retire comfortably today.

From Cambodia to Thailand—Enjoy a Low Cost of Living in Asia

If you’re looking for a place that offers not only unusual adventure, but also great value and comfortable living…then go to Cambodia. “For the most beautiful deserted beaches in Asia—and the lowest prices—the Cambodian coast is hard to beat,” reports International Living Asia correspondent Keith Hockton.