Okinawa: 7 Reasons to Love “The Hawaii of Japan”

by Carol Parks  When it came to tropical islands, I always thought of myself as a Caribbean type. Close by… beaches…palm trees…warm…decent plane fares. That is, till I discovered this gem of an island in the Pacific. Okinawa mixes Japanese culture, a large expat population, and a Pacific island vibe into one distinct package. What’s Read more...: Okinawa: 7 Reasons to Love “The Hawaii of Japan”

Are There Low Cost Apartments Available for Rent in Boquete, Panama?

I’m a single, 72 year old woman living strictly on my Social Security income of $1,400.00 per month. I’m currently renting a Section 42 studio apartment for $443.00 per month. It’s a decent apartment that isn’t rundown but it’s decidedly very small and plain. Your literature indicates that one should be prepared to pay $650.00 Read more...: Are There Low Cost Apartments Available for Rent in Boquete, Panama?

Live Richer, Spend Less – International Living’s Guide to Retiring Overseas

In the book, you’ll gain the practical tools you need to help you see why a life abroad can make so much sense. You’ll be able to make rational decisions and understand if the overseas lifestyle is really for you—and if it is, the best way to go about it…to find a good fit, given your interests, priorities, budget, and dreams…

7 Great Overseas Alternatives If Florida Is Too Expensive

If Florida is too hot, crowded, and expensive for you…then you need to check out these alternative retirement locations around the world. From Panama to Portugal, from the beaches to the mountains, we have seven great retirement destinations where a couple can live comfortably on a monthly budget of as little as $1,394...

Conference Reviews and Testimonials

Here’s what International Living readers have been saying about their monthly magazine: “An exceptional opportunity to meet the speakers and like-minded individuals interested in living overseas. This year’s Overseas Bootcamp was my first. I learned a lot and it was fun to meet International Living writers that I read every month. I look forward to Read more...: Conference Reviews and Testimonials