Fun for All Ages: The Top Five Watersports in Costa Rica

With 763 miles of coastline on the Pacific and Caribbean, Costa Rica is blessed with its share of beautiful beaches…not to mention pristine waters. And inland lakes and rivers provide more outstanding scenery. But these waterways are more than just pretty to look at. They’re the playgrounds of watersports enthusiasts of many different disciplines. Below Read more...: Fun for All Ages: The Top Five Watersports in Costa Rica

I Earn My Income in the World’s Top Scuba Destinations

Many scuba divers are lucky to go on dive trips once or twice a year. With the expense of travel and limited vacation time, that's all they can afford. But Francesca Diaco wasn't satisfied with that... "Money doesn't motivate me," says Francesca. "What motivates me is making people happy and doing something I love." So, she designed a new income and life that allowed her to indulge her love of the water as much as she wanted—at world class dive spots.

The Benefits of Living in San José, Costa Rica

I have a pretty standard morning routine. I’m awakened very early by roosters but stay in bed for a while as the sunrise filters into the bedroom. I start the coffee, open the sliding doors, step out to my deck, and look down into the valley below. I usually see hummingbirds buzzing around my flowers, sometimes a blue-crowned mot-mot. Some mornings one of my neighbors, a farmer, has been up even earlier...