The Benefits of Living in San José, Costa Rica

I have a pretty standard morning routine. I’m awakened very early by roosters but stay in bed for a while as the sunrise filters into the bedroom. I start the coffee, open the sliding doors, step out to my deck, and look down into the valley below. I usually see hummingbirds buzzing around my flowers, sometimes a blue-crowned mot-mot. Some mornings one of my neighbors, a farmer, has been up even earlier...

Freedom and Flexibility with a Colombian Eco-Tour Business

Colombia is a country on the rise as far as tourism is concerned. Industry watchers note that tourism has grown by 300% since 2006, with 6.5 million visitors arriving in 2017. About twice the size of Texas, Colombia is packed with a huge variety of climates and landscapes, which means there are plenty of places to visit no matter what you’re looking for...

Living in Alajuela, Costa Rica

Alajuela, just 13 miles or so from Costa Rica’s capital, San José, is in many ways the country’s second city. It is second in size, with a population of 50,000. And it is also the home to La Liga, one half a bitter soccer (here known as futbol) rivalry with San José’s team, Saprissa. The country’s main international airport is in Alajuela. And it’s the birthplace of national hero Juan Santamaria.

Ten Tips for Renting a Home Overseas

When moving abroad, renting a place to stay is an attractive option that offers a lot of advantages, whether you're headed to Costa Rica, Malaysia, France, Mexico, Ecuador, Ireland...or any country. If you plan to buy or build a home eventually, renting allows you to investigate a region and/or community...or several...before you put down roots. You don't want to be stuck in a neighborhood, region, or home you don't like.

Living in Santa Ana, Costa Rica: One of San Jose’s Top Suburbs

San Jose, Costa Rica’s capital, is full of small towns and villages that have merged over the years into the greater metro area as the city grew. One of those is Santa Ana, population of about 11,000. At one time known mainly for its ceramics and pottery, this once sleepy hamlet is fast becoming one of San Jose’s top suburbs...